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Cat Care Tips for Buyers and Sellers in Bangladesh

Having pets can be a lot of fun. When you choose to own cats or other animals, you are bringing a new companion into your home. A cat can bring a lot of joy to your life. They are funny, clever and often love to sit in your lap and be stroked.

But no matter what animals you choose when you are looking through pets for sale, you will need to learn how to care for your new pet so that they can live a happy, healthy life for years to come.

This article will focus on cat care tips, specifically on cat grooming, cat health, cat exercise and cat wellness. These are meant to be basic, introductory cat care tips. If, after reading this article or any other articles on, you still have questions about how to care for your cat properly, it’s always best to check with your veterinarian for a professional opinion. If you are planning to buy a pet then check here How to Buy Pets Online in Bangladesh?


Cat grooming is an important part of cat care. While almost all cats will groom themselves by licking their fur with their rough, sandpaper-like tongues, they should still get a little bit of help from their owners from time to time.

Purchase a cat brush and spend a little time every day brushing your cat. This will help to remove excess loose fur, which will help reduce the risk of your cat getting hairballs from swallowing its own fur while grooming.

Another benefit to brushing your cat is that during the summer months you will help to remove the cat’s winter coat which naturally sheds in the summer to keep your cat cooler and more comfortable.

You may also want to purchase a flea comb so that you can occasionally check your cat over for fleas. Your cat should be on a schedule for regular, monthly flea treatment, but even so, it’s wise to double check using the comb to ensure that there are no fleas on your pet.

Bathing your cat is almost never necessary. Unlike dogs, cats bathe themselves. When cats groom by licking their fur, they are essentially cleaning themselves. That’s why healthy, happy cats always seem to have smooth, sleek fur even if you never give them a bath.

However, if your cat has been outdoors and gets particularly dirty or muddy, or your cat has fleas, you may wish to give him a bath but it’s not necessary to make it a regular habit.


If you are planning to buy a can then you should know How to Keep Pet Cats Healthy in Bangladesh? Your cat’s physical health is also an important part of cat care. Your cat should have regular checkups at the vet’s, once a year at the least.

If you are adopting a cat who has not yet been spayed or neutered, you should have the operation done as soon as possible. Your cat will likely have fewer health issues if you have them fixed and they will probably also live longer.

Your vet can also prescribe regular flea treatments and worming tablets, both of which are necessary to a cat’s health. Flea treatment should be administered monthly and worming tablets every three months.

Diet is another important area of your cat’s health. Make sure that you feed your cat a quality brand of food that is appropriate for the cat’s age. Also, if your cat lives indoors only, you should give it a food formulated especially for indoor cats. Or, if your cat is older, you should give it cat designed for mature cats.

Always provide your cat with access to fresh, clean water. Some cats need encouragement to drink enough, so you should put more than one water receptacle out. You can also change around where you place the water dishes from time to time, as cats enjoy discovering new things. Some cats also find ice cubes intriguing which can also encourage them to drink.

Cats are also very picky about their water and want it to be extremely clean. Make sure that you place their water dishes far enough away from their food so that particles of food will not fall into the water.

If at any time you are concerned that your cat may be dehydrated, you can give it some wet cat food to help it get more moisture in its body. You should also take your cat to visit the vet if they are not drinking as it could be an indication of a more serious problem.


Ensuring that your cat gets enough exercise is also essential to its health. Whether your cat lives indoors only, or goes outside too, you can encourage your cat to play and hunt so that it will stay fit and healthy.

Encourage your cat to play by playing with him. Buy or make toys that your cat will enjoy chasing and jumping for. Cats often really like simple toys, like balled up pieces of paper or old paper towel tubes.

If your cat goes outside, he probably gets some exercise by wandering and hunting. But if your cat doesn’t go outside, you may want to consider leash training him so that you can take him out and supervise him to ensure he is safe.

You can also get your cat to exercise more by socializing it with other animals. Of course, this should be done cautiously as some cats do not like other animals. Some cats will play with other neighborhood cats, and even dogs. Just be careful about how you introduce them. Adopting two kittens from the same litter is a good way of making sure your pets have companions because usually, siblings get along.


Cat wellness, or emotional health, is important too. Your cat has feelings just like you do and will sometimes feel neglected, scared or angry. Regularly playing with your cat and showing it attention will help your cat to feel happy and content most of the time.

Try to spend at least ten minutes a day playing with your cat. This quality time will help you bond with your pet and keep him from feeling neglected. If you can plan several play times into the day, this is even better.

Provide your cat with interesting things to play with and do. Give them a scratching post and toys. You can also give them cat tunnels or cardboard boxes to play in. Anything that stimulates your cat’s imagination is a good way ensure his emotional health.

Companionship is also important to a cat’s well being. If you don’t own any other pets and you are out of the house a lot, your cat may easily become lonely. Consider getting a second cat as a companion, or asking a friend to play with your cat when you aren’t at home.

You should also make sure that your cat’s environment is always clean. Cats are much happier when living in a clean environment. Ensure that you empty the cat’s litter box on a regular basis. You should also make sure their bedding is clean and comfortable. But don’t use a lot of chemicals in cleaning, because cats are also very sensitive to strong odors.

These are just a few basic tips for caring for your cat. As long as you always put your pet’s health and wellness first, you are sure to give them a full and happy life.

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