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How to Keep Pet Cats Healthy in Bangladesh?

Cats can be amazing pets. They are relatively low-maintenance when it comes to grooming and require less attention than dogs. They clean their own fur and take care of bowel movements in litter boxes. However, cats do require routine upkeep like dental and healthcare checkups to stay healthy.

Despite efforts from owners, many cats are overweight, stressed out and under exercised. It’s important to follow basic health rules to increase your cat’s lifeline. Cats age five times faster than humans, you want to do everything you can to keep your cat healthy. This article will discuss ways to keep your pet cat healthy.

Spaying and neutering

Though some are against spaying and neutering their pets, the process is relatively simple and a solution to many issues. Spaying and neutering cats decreases the likelihood of cat’s urine marking, which decreases the likelihood of your pet fighting with other cats. Spaying and neutering cats eliminates heat cycles for female cats and makes them less likely to roam searching for a mate. Spaying and neutering is a simple solution to a plethora of issues. Also have a look on the Cat Care Tips for Buyers and Sellers.

Regular visits to the veterinarian

Getting a yearly checkup is just as crucial for cats as it is for people. Despite your best efforts to keep your cat as healthy as possible, your veterinarian will be able to notice subtle warning signs difficult to detect by an untrained eye. Veterinarians also make appropriate recommendations for your cat’s diet. These recommendations are important to follow, as they can be vital in increasing the length of your cat’s life.

Cat bed

Cats appreciate having a nice and comfortable place to lay their heads when they rest. It’s important that the bed is somewhere with little noise and interruptions. Cats do not like to be awoken from sleep. Cat beds are a nice alternative to having your cat sleep in your bed. You can invest in a good one or simply make one out of a comfy blanket.

Good nutrition

It’s important to consult your veterinarian when it comes to the best food for your cat. However, if you don’t have access to one you can try to buy wet and dry cat food and see how your cat reacts. It’s natural that most premium cat food brands are going to be better than the generic ones. It’s up to you how much you want to invest in your furry friend. Nutrition is one of the most essential tools you have to keep your cat healthy. It is the foundation for a long life and healthy living.

Eliminating stress

One of the major things affecting long-term cat health is daily contact with stress. Providing a quiet and safe place for cats to rely on like a perch is really beneficial to their health. One of the reasons cat lovers enjoy the animal so much is its independent nature. Cats love observing environments while tucked away in a safe corner. Toys are another way to make cats happy and help eliminate stress. Even though many indoor cats don’t need to hunt, they still have the urge to pounce. Playing with toys satisfies this need and gives cats additional exercise.

Keeping your cat indoors

Cats love to being outside and roaming around. Unfortunately there are many dangers outside that threaten cats. These dangers include other feral outdoor cats, dogs, cruel humans and distracted drivers. Many cat-lovers have accepted the fact that their cats won’t be able to roam outside on their own. Many owners have created outdoor enclosures for their pets, allowing them to be outside in a safe and limited space.

Monitoring unusual behavior

It’s important to notice if your cat’s behavior has changed. This is usually a sign of illness that needs to be addressed. Odd behavior includes things like excessive sleepiness, weight loss, bumps, sneezing and odd changes in bowel movements. While you don’t have to constantly monitor your feline, it’s important that if the behavior persists that you accurately catalogue it to share with your vet. You are the biggest defense your cat has, so make sure you pay attention so you can speak on their behalf.


Similar to spaying and neutering, though less invasive, keeping your cat vaccinated is an easy way to protect it from life-threatening illness/diseases. Vaccines should always be done by a professional and should never be any type of homemade remedy. Using homemade concoctions as vaccines for your cat could have extremely negative consequences including instant death. Make sure to use vaccine recommendations from your vet.

Attractive litter box

cat accessories

A clean litter box is one of the most basic necessities for proper cat care. Litter boxes are also your number one defense to keep your cat from using the bathroom all over your house. The size of your litter box does matter along with the type of litter you use. Scented litter doesn’t work for some cats and if the box isn’t regularly cleaned the cat might choose another option in your house. As with most cat items in your home, location is key when it comes to the litter box. Cats must feel safe when eliminating and prefer quieter areas. Don’t forget the rule of thumb. More cats mean more litter boxes. For this check here to Buy Best Pet Accessories for Cats in Bangladesh.

Cat-proofing your home

Like children, cat’s are very good at getting into places in your home where they shouldn’t be. Staying diligent about knowing plants and foods that are especially toxic to cats is the difference between life and death. Other items that may need to be cat-proofed include toilets, stovetops and electrical chords.

Scratching/climbing post

A scratching/climbing post is a great option for cats, especially if you’re worried about them getting enough exercise. A post allows the cat to stretch its muscles, sharpen claws and leave scent marks. These posts are great, especially if you want to give your furniture a break. Cats also love scratching/climbing posts because they allow them to leave shed old cuticles.

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