Choosing a family car in Bangladesh

When living in Bangladesh, you will want to have reliable transportation. Without this, you and your family will have a hard time getting around and enjoying life. For this reason, you should consider buying a family car. When you can invest in a quality vehicle, you are likely to enjoy it for a long time. While this is correct, it is easy to make mistakes, and you should follow this short guide to choose a quality car. Here is a 10 step guide to choosing a family car in Bangladesh.

Reliability: Above all else, you should choose a reliable vehicle. In Bangladesh, you do not want to end up on the side of the road or broken down in the middle of the night. No, this can lead to dangerous and costly problems. For this reason, when buying a car, you should look at a Toyota or other Japanese brand. With this, you can get in your vehicle and go to your destination without worry. On the other hand, if you buy an inferior brand, you will end up with serious mechanical problems in the future. So, remember, above all else, you should worry about reliability when checking out your options.

Size: Without a doubt, when driving around Bangladesh, you will want the right size vehicle. On one hand, Toyota cars are perfect as you will not struggle with bad fuel economy. With the price of gas rising, you should consider a smaller car as you will get to and from work without spending all your money at the pump. At the same time, when getting a new vehicle, you should think of storage and space. Thinks about it for a minute, you will want to pack your family and all the items in your car. To do this, you should buy the right size vehicle fitting your needs.

New or used: If you want to buy a car, you should look at pre-owned versions. With this, you will pay less money and can get a great deal. While a lot of wealthy people rush out and spend their money on a new version, you should understand something. New cars lose their value seemingly overnight, and you should strive to avoid this by purchasing a slightly used vehicle. When doing so, you can cut your costs drastically. Not only will you have a lower payment, but insurance costs will shrink too. There are so many options as you can find plenty of car classifieds sites.

Think of the long-term: Ideally, when you buy a car, you will keep it for a long time. Since cars in Bangladesh are not cheap, financially it is wise to avoid buying another car in the future. To do this, you should choose a reliable car and treat it well. At the same time, when looking at vehicles, you should look at ones with low mileage. While this will cost you more money in the short-term, it will allow you to drive the car for years to come. Remember, if you let it, a car will become a huge cost in the future.

Look at various options: Now, it is easy to fall in love with one or two models. Other times, when heading to a dealer or private seller, you may walk away with a car even though you did not look at your options. When this happens, you are likely to overpay. Instead, before shelling out cash, you should look at four or five cars. By looking at so many vehicle, you will not overpay or fall in love with a car. You must realize that a car is a commodity, and you should not fall in love with one particular design or style.

Thorough test drive: Now, when someone is selling a car, they may try to unload a lemon on the buyer. To prevent this, a smart consumer should test drive it thoroughly. This means, when you drive the vehicle, you should take it on multiple roads and take it out for at least 10 or 15 minutes. While this may seem like overkill to you, it is a wise step to take as you can uncover serious mechanical issues with the car. If the seller has a problem with this, he or she is likely hiding a mechanical problem, and you should walk away from the transaction.

Know how to look for issues: When looking at a car, you should peek under the hood and understand what to look for. To do this, you may want to bring a mechanically inclined friend who can take a quick peek at the car. Of course, you can look for obvious signs yourself such as leaking oil or busted parts. Either way, you must know how to look for basic problems. Otherwise, you are likely to end up in a world of hurt when you drive off, only to discover your car does not work all that well.

Think of all costs: As mentioned, when choosing a vehicle, you should think of the fuel economy. You should also think of insurance and maintenance costs. Since this can vary greatly depending on the model, you will save yourself plenty of money if you choose wisely. Now, it is not always easy to know what car will yield the cheapest monthly cost. However, if you buy a small and reliable Toyota, you are unlikely to spend a lot of cash fixing any issues.

Negotiate: When buying a car off a classifieds site, you must negotiate the price as much as possible. While this is not always fun, it is a fact of life. If you forego this, you are likely to overpay and leave a lot of money on the table. One easy way to negotiate is to bring plenty of cash. Upon seeing a wad of money, many sellers will jump at a great offer as they will not want to miss out on the sale.

Ask your family: Believe it or not, you should ask your family what they think of the vehicle. Before plunking down some cash, you should ask your spouse and children if they enjoy it thoroughly. Since most people should give an honest response, this will help you decide if the investment is a best one for you. Either way, when asking them to remain honest, you can save yourself a lot of trouble in the short and long run.

When you want to buy a car in Bangladesh, you should understand the process and make sure to negotiate wisely. At the same time, you should know which car will work for your unique situation. Of course, this is just the beginning as a buyer also needs to research every car and model thoroughly. When doing so, you can avoid common mistakes that plague many buyers in Bangladesh. Sadly, while this is an expensive and time-consuming task, many leave it up to chance or simply hope they will get a great deal. This is extremely unwise as a buyer will end up on the bad side of a deal. Simply put, with this short guide, you can find the best deal on a vehicle for you and your family.

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