Buying a Motorbike | Buyers Tips and Safety Advice

One of the most convenient and desirable methods of transportation in Bangladesh is a motorbike. This is especially true for people of the younger generation. Motorbikes are small and easy to store. This makes it convenient for people who may be severely limited in the space they have at their home to use as a parking area. Motorbikes can also weave between traffic, making it easier and faster for riders to get where they are going. Motorbikes have become a bit of a status symbol in Bangladesh among young people. If you do not have a shiny motorbike, you will not be considered cool and popular by many other young people. All of these reasons have helped to contribute to the high demand for motorbikes. Also a have a look on our another article for a better overview Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Motorcycle.

This article will explore all of the things that you should know and look for when you set out to buy a motorbike. It is not as straightforward a process as you might think. If you simply buy the first motorbike you look at, you could be setting yourself up for many problems in the future. Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous people who sell motorbikes that they know are not working properly. They will do their best to trick an unsuspecting buyer into making a foolish purchase for a motorbike that is not in proper working order. By taking the time to do the necessary research before you buy a motorbike, you can avoid making a purchase that you will end up regretting. Motorbike classifieds are an excellent place to find people who are selling a motorbike for a cheap price.

Here is a list of things that you need to consider before paying a lot of money for a bike that could possibly have problems with it. Not all of these steps will be applicable in all cases, so if the step does not apply to your particular situation, simply skip it and move onto the next one. Also, the following steps are written so that they can be understood by people who do not know anything about motorbikes. Therefore, you may already be aware of much of the information that is provided below if you are experienced with motorbikes. Please keep in mind that many people are novices when it comes to this topic, so it is important that they understand all of the basics about motorbikes so that they can make an intelligent decision when it comes to their purchase. Before enter into tipehave a look on Top 5 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh.

1. Motorbikes have various cylinder volumes and engine sizes. These are measured in terms of the number of CCs that an engine has. Bikes with more CCs may not necessarily be more powerful than bikes with smaller amounts of CCs. A motorbike’s power usually comes down to the number of cylinders it has and the specific design. The more cylinders that a bike has, the smoother the ride will be. Also, more cylinders mean more power and performance. However, there are some significant advantages to buying a bike with a smaller amount of cylinders. Bikes such as these are easier to maintain, lighter and less expensive.

2. Before you buy a motorbike, you need to seriously consider the exact reasons you are buying it. Will you be using it for recreation, work or simply to get from point A to point B? There are several different types of bikes you can choose from. Each one is designed to perform a specific task, but some of them are capable of being used for multiple tasks. The basic types of motorbikes are moped, sports, touring, standard, scooter, off-road and cruiser. You need to learn about each different type before you buy to make sure that the bike is capable of being used in the way that you plan to use it every day.

3. There are faired bikes which mean that they have plastic that covers the metal inner workings of the bike. There are also unfaired bikes that do not contain this plastic covering. If you are not experienced in riding motorbikes, it would be wise for you to buy an unfaired bike. The reason is that you may drop the bike or fall off of it as you are learning to ride it. When this happens, the plastic of a faired bike will become scratched and ugly in appearance.

4. If you choose to look at motorbikes for sale at a dealership, you must keep in mind that most dealers will only accept cash. They will not be interested in setting up any payment plans like most people get when they buy a car. So make sure you have the necessary amount of cash in hand.

5. It goes without saying that you should thoroughly test drive any motorbike that you are seriously considering buying. Riding it for 30 minutes will give you enough of an idea about how the bike handles on the road so you can make an informed decision. Before you take the bike out for a test drive, inspect the bike to see if any damage is already visible. This will help you to avoid getting blamed by the owner of the motorbike for causing damage that you are not personally responsible for. You will also need to look for any signs of major repairs that the bike may have had in the past that might prevent it from running well in the future. If it looks like the bike has been in a severe accident, you would be wise to pass on it and look at a different bike.

6. There are certain signs that you should be on the lookout for. For example, if the bike has paint that is faded or a cracked seat, these things usually indicate that the bike has already been used a lot. Therefore, you should look at a newer bike that has been used less.

7. Test the headlight, brake lights and turn signals to make sure they are working correctly. Tap on each light to see if there are any loose wires.

8. Before you test drive the bike, you will need to examine the wheels. First, make sure the tyres are inflated to the correct air pressure. Inspect the wheel bearing and carefully look at the rims to make sure there are no cracks or signs of impact.

9. When you sit on the bike, make sure the handlebars and the wheel are perfectly straight and in line with one another. Before you turn the bike on, sit on it and push it forward. If it pulls to one side, this means there is a problem with the handlebars.

10. The brakes are another thing that you need to check before you take the bike on the road and ride it at a high rate of speed. Ride the bike slowly and apply the brakes. See how long it takes you to stop. Listen for any squeaking noises. When you apply the brakes, you should come to a stop smoothly. If you feel some bumps as you stop, this could indicate something wrong with the brake pads or disks.

11. When you squeeze the clutch, it should release easily.

12. Make sure that the gauges are working properly.

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