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Find Flats for Sale in Popular Places of Dhaka

Dhaka is a rich city with hundreds of years of history surrounding it. The historic city has seen quite a lot in almost 500 years, but it has experienced massive changes in the recent years. Now Dhaka is home to over 10 million residents, however, this number is likely to be much higher due to the inefficiencies in the appropriate recording of the population in developing nations. Dhaka is a megacity, to say the least!

Every day the population of the city increases as it is the economic center of Bangladesh and so does apartments for sale. With a booming economy and growing residents, the city has become congested. Being the capital of a developing nation, Dhaka already experiences many shortcomings as a 21st-century megacity. One of the numerous problems is its housing. Currently, there are just not enough properties to fulfill the housing demands. But this is also due to the lack of appropriate access to the available properties in the city.

Without a doubt, the majority of housing is already occupied but there are certain popular places in Dhaka which are preferred by most to buy used flats or apartments. Through a comprehensive analysis of the used flat sales in Dhaka, we recognized some of the most popular places in Dhaka to buy a flat or apartment. If you are looking to buy a ready flat or apartment for sale in Dhaka, then start by reading this article. Check our another blog on property buying tips A Guide for Property Buyers: Buying New vs Old Flats.

Buy Apartments in Dhaka

Are you looking for ready flats for sale in Dhaka? Check out some of the most popular places in Dhaka. To avoid favoritism in presenting our findings to readers, the places appear in an alphabetical order.


The real estate industry of the nation as a whole has been in an upward curve over the past decade. It has been flourishing rapidly in the capital city of Dhaka for quite some time now. The real estate industry has also played a role in the overall growth of Bangladesh. The standard of living has experienced a rise and seen a massive transition to the idea of the apartment culture. One of the emerging popular places in Dhaka is the Bashundhara Residential Area, which appeals to those seeking this apartment culture.

Bashundhara Residential Area offers all the modern day features with an attractive lifestyle for residents. Being a new neighborhood, it especially attracts new buyers with its luxury apartments. The demand for a posh lifestyle amidst the busy life of the megacity is an attractive option for those without too much concern for a tight budget.

Bashundhara Residential Area is clearly one of the most popular places in Dhaka to buy ready flats or apartments.

However, when we compare with used flats for sale or ready flats for sale in other areas of Dhaka, it may come as a surprise that this is not the most expensive area. This is due to the fact that luxury is not the solitary deciding factor to buy flats rather it is demand which drives price. With the best facilities on offer, it is easily among the top most popular places in Dhaka.


Dhanmondi is one of the few long withstanding, thriving residential areas in Dhaka. While once known as the home to only the elite and upper classes, this has resulted in it to be shaped with an intensely developed core infrastructure. The planning surrounding its expansion and development has allowed it to thrive with promising real estate projects & developments. Many residents choose this neighborhood due to the serenity offered by the Dhanmondi Lake.

Dhanmondi is one of the most popular places in Dhaka to buy flats with its

realestate developments & the beautiful Dhanmondi Lake.

Dhanmondi has many used flats for sale as it offers the right balance between a developed area, posh lifestyle and decent prices or cost of living. Considering its associated hospitals, schools, restaurants and shopping centers, the cost or standard of living is fairly reasonable. The used apartments for sale in Dhanmondi are reasonable in size and price, whether you buy or rent.

A place which is perfect for foodies with nice restaurants both local and international chains, perfect for athletes with sports clubs and stadiums, perfect for geeks with educational institutes, and some of the best hospitals in Dhaka. The cherry on the cake is the calm & serene buzz surrounding the Dhanmondi Lake.


Gulshan is widely known as the diplomatic zone of Dhaka city. It is surrounded by a number of foreign embassies, consulates, clubs for elites, international restaurants, shops and luxury hotels. Once considered to be a highly official or commercial area, it has undergone several housing developments to become a partially residential area as well. The high life is the promise of this area with all of its luxury features, facilities, offices and now stunning residences.

Gulshan is one of the most popular places in Dhaka known for its luxurious lifestyle, mostly home to the elites & foreigners.

Gulshan may just be the most expensive place in Dhaka but it still attracts numerous buyers. While its residents are mostly elites and foreign residents, the area attracts others through its top class restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, brands and more. Real estate developers are grabbing every opportunity to reconstruct older buildings and transform them into unique modern-day designs for office spaces and even residential apartments. Considering the high life on offer in Gulshan, it is clearly a sought after area to buy in Dhaka but the majority of its occupants are the high earning elites of Bangladesh.

flat for sale in Dhaka bangladesh


Mirpur has become wellknown due to the National Cricket Stadium. The Bangladesh National Cricket Teams official stadium, the home of the Tigers, has gained worldwide recognition due to the recent surge in the performance of the Bangladesh Mens Cricket Team. But even before that, Mirpur has for long been a magnet attracting residents and keeping them well within its area by offering all essentials. In addition, other attractions in Mirpur include the National Zoo and the National Botanical Garden.

Mirpur is one of the most popular places in Dhaka

known as the Home of the Bangla Tigers.

Mirpur is not just a tourist attraction; it offers homes, modern amenities and planned roads to its residents. Middle class is the most in numbers in almost every country and the majority of residents are middle class in Mirpur. The affordability and subsequent housing complemented with good roads are some of the top reasons for it to be home to many. Most do not need to travel back to the main city for their everyday needs, other than for work. New plan for the development of metro rail is another plus for Mirpur, as it is one of the most popular places in Dhaka to buy flats or apartments.


Uttara is one of the most trending places in Dhaka if you are looking to buy apartments. It has become the top trending place for many reasons but mainly due to it being a city away from the city. The megacity Dhaka is a congested and overpopulated, dense area which is packed with everything within a certain area. Uttara is away from the city, attracting those who can do without the loud buzz of the city while avoiding the deafening silence of rural villages. It is suburban heaven!

Uttara is one of the most popular places in Dhaka,

(which is away from Dhaka) a suburban heaven filled with tranquility.

Uttara is home to everything a city needs within its area including good hospitals, reputed educational institutions, wide variety of shopping centers, various modes of entertainment and much more. Get a peaceful residential experience with a pinch of salt, which is the distance away from the megacity, Dhaka. But overall better quality roads allow for residents with private transportation or even public transportation to easily travel the long distance to and from the central city.

As a suburban area, away from the main city, the ready flat for sale in the area is cheap in comparison to areas within the central city. New developments have made it selfsufficient in terms of residential necessities and provide an affordable standard of living. It is a large area with not many residents and thus, those who desire a quiet place to live are highly interested in pursuing residential flats or apartments in Uttara.

popular places in Dhaka to buy flat


Based on our comprehensive review of housing trends in Dhaka, we compiled this short list of some of the most popular places in Dhaka to buy apartments. Contextually, it helps in identifying some of your likings and disliking about certain areas. Getting a property is a huge investment and no amount of research is enough before reaching a decision. We hope this quick read will help to some extent when you look for an apartment to buy in Dhaka. You can get a better idea on the property market here Real Estate Market in Bangladesh in 2018 | Infographic.

So, when you look apartment for sale Dhaka, we recommend our findings as the most popular places in Dhaka for investing in a residential property. Our recommendations are based not only on costs, but also on the living standard, amenities, access to the main city and other essential aspects of a typical residential area. You should also browse through listings on online property portals such as to get an idea of prices and sizes of ready flats or apartment in your desired location.

Dhaka has witnessed a drastic improvement through rapid developments in every sector and consequently seen a surge in its economy. Global investments, foreign business and many other things have contributed to the growth in demand for residential properties in the megacity.

Visit now to browse through thousands of property listings to buy used flats or apartments in some of the most popular places in Dhaka.


What are the popular places to buy flats in Dhaka? 

According to – The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh, the popular locations to buy flats in Dhaka are:

  • Bashundhara
  • Dhanmondi
  • Gulshan
  • Mirpur 
  • Uttara

Is it good to invest in flats in Dhaka?

Dhaka is the capital city of Bangladesh and also the center for almost every other largest organization. So, living in Dhaka will give you more benefits and features than any other areas in Bangladesh.

Which site is best for buying apartments in Dhaka?

To buy and sell your apartment, you can take the help of property or real estate websites. is one of the oldest and trusted website which can lead you to your desired property within a short period of time.

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