A Guide for Property Buyers: Buying New vs Old Flats

One of the biggest debates in buying a home is whether to buy new or to buy old?

A new home for you, whether it’s a flat, apartment or house is a big decision. After you make a decision on buying instead of renting, the next question is another challenge to overcome!

OLD vs NEW property – which is the better choice?

While the opinions are divided in these issues (as expected!), this guide for purchasing old vs new flat or apartment will give you the rights answers to help you make the best decision!

We will look at all the Pros & Cons, the advantages & disadvantages – meaning the complete benefits of purchasing old vs new, when you are in the lookout to flats for sale ads in Bangladesh to buy or even, in the case of flats for rent.

Popular Thoughts on Buying Old vs New Flats

There is substantial support for both not just in Bangladesh, but worldwide in order to buy a flat. Many people are attracted to older properties both due to the quality and style of build. For most others, they want to be represented by a newly built flat which reflects the 21st-century lifestyle.

Property seekers in Bangladesh mostly fall under the second category – those that buy new flats!

They can live in a new flat which is best accustomed to their current living standard with light room, modern day electronic appliances and gadgets, and overall, energy saving atmosphere.

When you buy old flats, it is mostly due to the appeal for period style architecture, or heavy-duty build, or even for the simple reason of a more affordable options. Not just in Bangladesh, but worldwide the preference for new flats is increasing due to the convenience offered by modern style builds.

There are pros and cons of both, and in terms of properties it is quite a balanced argument between the two. Government authorities are having to take important decisions of whether to conserve older buildings or build new properties to meet the demands of public housing. Several loans and other banking schemes are being provided to assist new buyers.

If you are among those looking to buy new flats or to buy old flats, but cannot make the decision, then this list of advantages and disadvantages both will help you to come to a decision. So without any further delay, let’s look at the advantages & disadvantages of old vs new flats in Bangladesh. To get more help to buy your home have a look here Find Flats for Sale in Popular Places of Dhaka.

Benefits or Advantages When You Buy Old Flats

Authentic Style

When you buy old flats, you find a property which may have been built before at least 30 years ago. These older properties have not only established an identity for themselves, but also have a reputation for their authentic build. The style is unique and appealing and there is a sense of character in the house. The history behind the building becomes part of its brand.

Quality of Build

It is also true that even though a building is old style in building, the quality of its build is higher than most new built properties. The quality of building materials used for buildings even as little as 10-20 years ago in many cases is better than the materials used today.

Cost & Bargaining Power

While the cost of most old flats, apartments or houses may be lower than new flats to begin with, buyers also enjoy a lot of bargaining power. They are able to use its condition and age as reasonable factors to offer a lower purchasing price after seeing flats for sale ads.

Spacious & Roomy

Old flats were built in a different architectural mindset in Bangladesh, when space was not an issue! So, old flats have larger rooms, more empty space for storage, more living areas, larger dining, kitchen, balcony, etc. as things like AC and electricity was not an issue, either.

Disadvantages of Old Flats

Long Wait Times

When you plan to buy a flat in Bangladesh, you will see that old flats are in the market for a long period of time. You may make an offer and you will be left waiting as many others may also be interested. Old flat sellers also take a longer time to accept offers, as they are looking for a better price offer from another party. So, the overall process may be long, time-consuming, and frustrating.

Security Features

You will miss modern-day security features in old flats such as the style of window and door locks, fire alarm or smoke alarm systems, voltage issues due to older electric lines for modern-day appliances, etc.

Cost of Property

The cost of an old flat may be much more than a new flat with more number of rooms or other features. This is because old flats are built to be more spacious, taking up more space. By not offering too much money, you may be missing out on the offer.

Frequent Maintenance & Repairs

You may find an old flat for a decent price, but you must take into consideration other associated costs on planning to buy a flat. You may need frequent maintenance work such as repairing and renovating it. In many cases, the small costs of each repair may add up to be a lot more than you expected.

Benefits or Advantages When You Buy New Flats

Government Incentives

As we briefly mentioned earlier, the government has availed many banking schemes for new buyers to encourage the increase of buying new flats in Bangladesh. In addition to this, many property developers are offering unbelievable easy ways to make a commitment to buy new flats. Check out the government’s in improving the housing sector of Bangladesh in this article Find Suitable Home for Rent or Buy in Dhaka.

Blank Canvas

With new flats, apartments or houses, you get a blank canvas to paint your picture of the perfect home for your family and loved ones. From the choice of tiles, wallpapers, fittings, etc. all can be decided by you when given the opportunity by developers. You will not have to worry about maintenance or renovations as it will be built to your liking.

Energy Efficiency

New flats are built in small room sizes, and overall space to be more energy efficient. With rising electricity and other utility costs, you will be spending less to cool a room of reasonable size with an AC, and running modern day electronic appliances like fridges, TVs, washing machines etc. Find the best, energy efficient, home appliances in’s Marketplace.

Disadvantages of New Flats

Delay in Completion

Even with all the pros, there are cons such as long delays in completion of development. Many new flat buyers have to wait more than 2 to 3 years for developers to hand over their new flat or apartment.

Quality of Build

Many people feel that new flats are built with cheaper quality materials, and are not built to last a longer period of time. While they may look nice and shiny, the quality may be poor.

Limited in Size

When you find flats in Bangladesh, you will see that new flats have very limited space. They are built in an economic size, with limited space and usually very unattractive when you think of things like a spacious

Service Charges

There are many different kinds of service costs associated with new flats in Bangladesh. Although this may vary based on your location, but you will have to pay a lot of associated services charges like security service, elevator facility, parking space, garbage disposal, etc. these costs will be significant almost as much as the rent or living cost of an old flat.


So, now do you have a better idea of what to do when you find flats in Bangladesh?

What will you do?

Will you buy new flats?

Or will take the decision to buy old flats?

The decision of buying a home in the form of a flat, apartment or house is a big long-term investment. It is your personal preference of whether to buy old flat or to buy new flats but, there are many options.

Some people are blindly attracted to the quality of an old flat and others enjoy the comfort of moving into a modern day new flat. But for many others, the decision is very confusing and they have no idea where to start!

After we have covered the many advantages and disadvantages of buying old vs new flats, you will be able to make an easier decision of choosing one. Read about the various prices and sizes of properties in Dhaka in this infographic by Bikroy based on the actual statistics of 2018 housing sector Real Estate Market in Bangladesh in 2018.

This is not an argument or debate where there will be a winner and a loser. It is all about making the right decision for yourself when you find flats in Bangladesh. Whether you are looking for flats for rent or to buy, it is always best to keep an open mind and explore all your options.

Browse through all the listings on Bikroy’s Property Portal to find flats in Bangladesh – the right home for you and your family or your next property is easily available on

Hopefully, this old vs new property buying guide has helped you in your search for your home. Leave your valuable thoughts, comments, and tips for property buyers or sellers in the comments section.


Old or New: Which type of flats are best to buy in Bangladesh?

Depending on the location, budget, and living facilities the answer is highly subjective. People would go for according to their needs and budget and the city.

Which is the best city to live in Bangladesh?

To ensure an affordable living, there are cities in Bangladesh waiting for you:

  • Rangpur
  • Rajshahi
  • Khulna
  • Chittagong
  • Sylhet
Which city has the cheapest rent in Bangladesh?

There are several cities in Bangladesh where someone can live at an affordable cost. Some of them are Rajshahi, Rangpur, Jessore, Khulna, etc.

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