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Get Bikroy Membership: Stay Ahead With Your Online Business

As an online business, you must be associated with a platform that can assist you to flourish your business. Bikroy introduced the ‘Membership’ service which helps businesses to grow online. 

Someone with business needs can apply for Membership. After being a member, they will have their online shop with a Bikroy URL where they can enlist their products or services and customers can buy from them easily. 

Bikroy membership comes with easy monthly pricing and attractive discounts on long-term contracts.

Advantages of Using Bikroy Membership

Premium membership can assist a business to reach more customers within a limited time. Using these packages can boost sales gradually. Besides, here are some hands-on advantages a business will get with Membership:

  • More ad posting 
  • Build Trust
  • Free promotions
  • Shop on Bikroy
  • Automatically re-post your ads
  • Track buyer interests
  • Add more images
  • Membership badge
  • Supercharged ad discovery
  • Doorstep Delivery

Additionally, a member will get a dedicated customer service agent throughout the membership period. 

To get a membership and learn more about membership prices please email us at or call us at 09609 555 444.

Users now can also avail of membership while posting their ads. This option will appear when your free listing limit ends. You can pay online and activate your membership immediately.

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