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A Guide to Buy Home Aquariums and Fish Keeping in Bangladesh

Having a home aquarium can be extremely therapeutic, and it can be a lot of fun as well preparing and setting up the perfect aquarium to suit any household.

Acrylic Aquariums and Aquarium Tanks – The best type of aquarium for most people are acrylic aquariums. They are better than the original glass aquariums because the acrylic is practically seventeen times stronger than glass. The acrylic used in making these aquariums weighs around 50% less than normal glass, and therefore, acrylic aquariums are easier to move and manage as opposed to the old glass aquariums.

Aquarium Decorations – There are a large amount of different types of decorations that are used for aquariums. Some of these aquarium decorations are ornaments, coral, and a variety of different plants both fresh and saltwater.

Aquarium Filters – The type of filters needed for one’s aquarium depends on a variety of factors. Some aquarium filters are used specifically for salt water aquariums, while others are used for fresh water aquariums. All aquarium filters might work differently, but they all do the same thing and are important for a healthy aquarium environment.

Aquarium Lighting – When it comes to lighting one’s aquarium, there are a lot of different options to choose room. Some aquarium lighting is fixed on the hood of the aquarium. That way when it’s turned on, it illuminates all of the aquarium with a soft glow. Most of the lights that are used in Aquarium Lighting are LED lights, and there are timers that someone can add to their aquarium to control their lighting system so that it doesn’t stay on at all times.

Aquarium Rocks – Aquarium rocks are a wonderful addition to any aquariums decor. They add places for the fish in the aquarium to hide, and they also add a unique aspect to any given fish aquarium.

Aquarium Stand – There are a large variety of different types of aquarium stands on the market. They can be made out of any sort of wood, and the type of stand one gets for their aquarium depends on the size of the aquarium. Aquarium stands can come in the form on normal stands for the aquarium to sit on top of or cabinets that completely surround the actual aquarium. An aquarium store is a great place to find some of the better made aquarium stands.

Aquarium supplies – Having an ample amount of aquarium supplies on hand is extremely important in order to make sure one’s aquarium runs smoothly regardless of the type of aquarium that one owns.

Fish for Sale and Fish for Sale Online

Having a pet fish can be a great way to teach children responsibility. Whether someone is looking to buy their child their first fish aquarium or they just enjoy having a beautiful fish aquarium in their home or business. Choosing the right fish tank and fish is extremely important. One can find a fish tank for sale in a variety of places, but before choosing a tank or aquarium, one should decide what sort of fish they want to have in their aquarium. Aquarium fish for sale might be a good way to go, but one needs to decide if they want freshwater fish, saltwater fish, or tropical fish.

Types of Freshwater Fish

1. Gray Bichir – This is a predatory fish that survives better in larger aquariums. When having a predatory fish in one’s tank, it is important that there are smaller and less expensive fish for predators to actually eat.

2. Lemon Tetra – This is a community fish, but they tend to jump out of their tanks without some sort of floating aquatic plants.

3. Electric Yellow Cichlid – This is a type of mbuna fish, and compared to the other mbuna fish, the Electric Yellow Cichlid is less aggressive. It is best to have a variety of rock caves in an aquarium with these fish in order to allow them to establish their territories more easily.

Types of Saltwater Fish

1. Blue Hepatus Tang – This fish is extremely territorial against other fish of the same species. They are known for hiding in crevices, and they are known for “playing dead” in the tank.

2. Copperband Butterfly – These fish use their narrow snout and mouth to pick up food from within cracks and crevices. The Copperband Butterflyfish tends to pick on a variety of different types of fish like soft corals, anemones, and feather dusters. Therefore when having this fish in one’s tank, they should limit how many they have.

3. Flame Angel – These fish are native to places like Tahiti and the Marshall Islands. They are omnivores and they should be kept in tanks no smaller than 30 gallons.

4. Strawberry Dottyback – This fish is native to the Indo-Pacific, and it is semi aggressive. It is safe to be put in a reef type environment. It should be kept in a tank of at least 30 gallons, and there should be plenty of places for them to hide.

5. Clown Trigger – These types of fish are considered to be extremely aggressive, and they are native to the Coral Sea and the Christmas Islands. They are carnivores, so they may attack smaller fish in the aquarium. When choosing this fish, they should not be placed in any tank less than 100 gallons and there should not be more than one in a tank.

6. Scooter Blenny – This is one of the many saltwater bottom dwellers that can be placed in a saltwater aquarium. They are generally considered community fish, but they are carnivores. Live rocks are required in a tank with this fish in order for them to have enough micro-organisms for them to live off of.

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