How to Find an Apartment to Rent Near You in Bangladesh


Are you trying to find an apartment to rent? Looking for apartments in a particular area or near your current area? Bikroy is the name you need to know! Bikroy’s New Property Portal will help you to find your next home. Looking for apartments to rent or houses for rent is a tough job and its even more difficult in a developing nation such as Bangladesh where the capital city of Dhaka is densely populated.

Looking for apartments to rent or houses for rent in Bangladesh means spending countless hours browsing through the classifieds on newspapers, or standing on a roadside reading through hundreds of tolet notices & collecting phone numbers, or even asking everyone you know for suggestions. Bikroy thought of a smarter way than this and built the Bikroy property portal.

Factors to consider

Whether you are a firsttime buyer or renter, or you are transitioning from one place to another, or you are moving out on your own, you need proper preparation before beginning your hunt. Finding a likable place is easy, but it is that much more difficult to find the right place at the right price. But dont worry; it doesnt have to be too overwhelming with proper preparation. When trying to find an ideal apartment to rent or house for rent near you, you must consider some crucial factors to smoothen your hunting process and ease the burden on yourself.

The following are four factors to consider:


Firstly, you must set a budget and completely avoid looking at properties above it. The property market of Bangladesh, especially in cities like Dhaka, the rent will be high and fixed so, so not think you can bargain too much. It is best not to overspend and disappoint yourself or spend an arm and a leg for a place to live. Be firm and believe!


If you are not a car owner or a bike owner, then you must consider access to public transportation and other everyday necessities from the area. If you do own a vehicle, then you must consider the safety and security of your vehicle and easy mobility. It would be a loss to be at a nice apartment with bad roads, or no access to any public transport for miles. The cost saved from rent may be insufficient considering what you may have to spend on transportation costs.


Consider the area for convenient access to stores, shops, your work and others for an easier lifestyle once you are a resident or even looking for flat rent. This also includes things like schools if you are raising a family.


One of the most neglected, yet the most important factor is safety. You should not only research the area for safety but also the building you are renting an apartment in. Ensure that the owner is legitimate, a guard is available, locks on building gate, proper exit of building, and of course your private locking system for your home.

Get all the information you need in one place

rent apartment form bikroy

There are many property searching tools available online where you can view a picture and some details to look for flat rent. But that is not necessarily media that matters. Bikroy property, and even the Bikroy app, uses features integrating cutting edge technology & media to bring you information that matters for searching apartments or houses for rent.

Bikroy Property shows a compact view of the property with specific photos, even on the Bikroy app, and necessary details such as specifications, contact phone, etc. So you can easily find a new apartment to rent or browse hundreds of houses for rent without leaving your current home. Whether it is apartments & flats, houses, rooms, lands & plots, new developments, garage space, or even commercial properties, you will find properties of every category on the Bikroy Property website or using the Bikroy app on your phone.

Real properties by real people with chat support

chat to take house for rent

You will find real posts by real people to find apartments to rent or houses for rent. It is very annoying when you find a property you like and then you learn that it is no longer available or discover something which no longer makes it a viable option. In worst case scenarios, it may even be a nonexistent property! With live chat support on Bikroy Property, you will be informed by real people of the exact status of a property such as its price and availability. You’ll no longer be disappointed by fake posts or fooled by scammers on the Bikroy website or the Bikroy app. No more unpleasant surprises during your search for apartments to rent, houses for rent or for any property purchases in Bangladesh.

Bikroy is used by thousands of Bangladeshi residents searching for apartment to rent. It is not limited to finding just houses for rent, but also, apartments to rent, flats, new housing, commercial space, land, etc. You will easily find what you are looking for in a home by searching through the thousands of property listings from one bedroom small apartments to four bedroom large houses for rent.

Searching for housing is challenging and even more for the various types of needs such as for students, bachelors, single workers, families, etc. So with every different type of resident, there comes its own unique set of challenges. The Bikroy Property portal is aimed at making this process as smooth as possible for potential residents by providing all necessary information about a listing.

Browse anytime & anywhere with the Bikroy app

rent appartment on bikroy app

Similar to Bikroy Property on the web, the Bikroy app allows you to search from anywhere, mark postings as favorites, view contact number & place a call, and much more. You will also get realtime chat support and alerts. You can customize your search by filtering by category and location. You can also choose to see new posts only.

Find houses or apartments to rent from anywhere. Bikroy property is available on the Bikroy app as well. Search through thousands of houses for rent near you, all over the Dhaka city and even nationwide. Find the Bikroy app on the App store & the Google play store and download today to start your property hunt. You can also visit the website from mobile or desktop.

So, why do people love us?

We express our love for renters & property managers associated with us in our business and we get that love in return. We make it easier for you to find your desired property and the perfect tenant for the property owner. Since our beginning, we have placed great emphasis on our consumer experience and we take pride in doing the most we can to suit to needs of all our customers. We have an expanded service all across the cities of Bangladesh making it possible for you to find a perfect apartment to rent and other properties as well.

People in Bangladesh will be able to browse through thousands of available apartments to rent and houses for rent every month. Our database frequently updates and you are always likely to find a property of your choice easily. Our mobile app is built to simplify the process for mobile users and overall modernize the home search process in Bangladesh.


Yes, it is very true that looking for apartments to rent or houses for rent in Bangladesh seems like a trial by fire, but its a lesson to learn. Do your research to the best of your ability and gather all necessary documents in advance. In this way, you can spend your time stressfree during the leasing period. As soon as you find the right choice then the paperwork should be hasslefree since you have prepared ahead. Now you can dedicate more of your concentration and time on thinking about the decoration of your new home or apartment such as the furnishing, housewarming party and all the other fun stuff.

Visit & enjoy the journey to your next home!


How to find a property near me in Bangladesh?

To find the best properties around you, the only thing you can do now is download the app or visit the website and you will get all sorts of property out there.

Where can I find real estate deals in Bangladesh?

If you are looking for some real estate deals, then could be your best destination. By using filtering options, you can get deals within your reach, budget, and requirements.

Where should I take apartment rent in Bangladesh?

The answer is highly subjective. Depending on your work, family settlement, and other necessary staff you need to choose your locality. These days more people are moving towards metropoliton cities in Bangladesh like Dhaka or Chattogram.

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