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Top 5 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh

In a small, densely populated country like Bangladesh motorcycle is the vehicle of prime choice in both terms of daily life need and passion. Comparing to the size of our country the motorcycle market is not that small here, also the demand is quite great in this crowded land. You might be surprised to know that over 15 motorcycle brands are running the heart-throb motorcycle business in Bangladesh. But what are our favorites? Today we shall talk about the top five motorcycle brands in Bangladesh and their most selling beasts. Let’s jump right in then. To get more help have a look at our another article Popular high-end bike prices in Bangladesh.

BAJAJ-The Gigantic Motorcycle Brand In Bangladesh

Bajaj Motorcycles Logo Bikroy

We already know that Bajaj is the biggest motorcycle company in India. This is also a gigantic brand in our country in terms of sales and mass-popularity. Their product line in our country is not that large, but they have some legendary sub-brands which are holding the hearts of thrill-loving bikers. The brand Bajaj recently changed the definition of biking in Bangladesh following the year 2000. Their sub-brands ‘Pulsar’ and ‘Discover’ are gorgeously rocking our roads till then. Bajaj also has other popular new bike series such as Bajaj Platina and Bajaj CT.

The biggest selling model of this brand is the Bajaj pulsar as 150 and Bajaj discover 125. These bikes are extremely fuel efficient and stable, that’s why they are the no1 choice of bikers who likes their vehicles for longevity. Also being the most popular bike series in Bangladesh, their spare parts are available everywhere and almost every mechanic in this country are well-acquainted with the mechanism of these motorcycles. Finally, with double suspension, these bikes ensure stability and comfort for riders without a doubt.

In Bangladesh, the main operator of the distribution of Bajaj Auto is Uttara Motors Limited. They also give after-sales service countrywide even in the rural areas. Spare parts of their products are also available both online and offline in a reasonable price range. All these combined have made Bajaj the biggest running brand in our country.

HONDA-The Power Motorcycle Brand In Bangladesh

Honda Motorcycle Logo Bikroy

You all know HONDA and how powerful it is. There is no questioning about the mass-popularity and supreme quality of Honda motorcycles worldwide. This comes second in our top five list after many ups and downs and for very good reasons.

We all know that there was a golden age of Honda at the end of last century in Bangladesh. But when ‘Atlas Bangladesh’ stopped their distribution of Honda, the control of the motorcycle market in Bangladesh went to the other Indian motorcycle brands. As a result of the name Honda kind of blurred off from the market for quite some time. And now after almost a decade Honda is back again with ‘Bangladesh Honda Limited’. And it is quickly regaining its position in the motorcycle market against all the tough competitors.

Despite the high price of Honda products, spare parts and infrequent dealer points, Honda is capturing its market position gradually because of the popularity of their high power products. They are trying very hard to update their product line from time to time with the international market. Along with that they should increase their dealer points countrywide to reach every corner of Bangladesh like Bajaj.

The best selling products of this brand are Honda CBR series and among them the Honda CB Hornet 160R SD and Honda CB Trigger sd are the most popular ones. These bikes have a great head rotation, which ensures faster commuting even within a heavy traffic. Also these bikes are more fuel efficient than Bajaj Pulsar.

Another good reason why Honda is so popular in Bangladesh is that their after-sales service is very impressive. All the dealer points of Honda are well equipped for the finest quality service. Hopefully one day Honda will come to the top of our list. Also cheak out our Review on Honda CB Hornet 160R.

YAMAHA-The Heart-throb Motorcycle Brand In Bangladesh

Yamaha Motorcycle Logo Bikroy

Not very long ago Yamaha motorcycles were not that well distributed in Bangladesh. There were barely any showrooms of Yamaha bikes even in 2016. But now their best bikes are rocking the streets of Bangladesh like kings. With their smooth engines and beautiful design, you will feel like flying once you ride one of their popular bikes.

Currently ACI Motors LTD is a big distributor of Yamaha products in Bangladesh, there are also some new showrooms opened remotely but still they fall short in number. Yet, Yamaha motorcycles are getting more and more popularity very aggressively day by day in the motorcycle market of Bangladesh. In the global market Yamaha has released many eye-catching heart-throb models within our allowed cc limit. So the craze is almost touching the sky!

In terms of sales, Yamaha has been doing aggressively well. Spare parts are frequently available and importers are always assuring the availability of latest spare parts. As the Yamaha service centers are short in number, it might feel like an issue to some people. But most of the mechanics in every corner in our country are well acquainted with the technology of Yamaha, so there should be no hassle in case of any kind of service. Also, ACI motors LTD is continuously giving their services of Yamaha bikes. So undoubtedly Yamaha is on my list of top five motorcycle brands in Bangladesh.

Yamaha FZS & Yamaha FZ Fazer motorcycles are the best-selling bikes of their collection. These are the most well-designed motorcycles in Bangladesh. Each and every part of these bikes, small or major, are designed carefully, keeping the complete comfort of the rider in mind. These bikes have great grip and stability. That is why people buy these bikes like crazy, despite being comparatively high-end motorcycles. Also their popular commuter series includes the Yamaha YZF R15.

TVS-The Economic Motorcycle Brand In Bangladesh

TVS Motorcycle Logo Bikroy

TVS is directly operating their distribution of motorcycles in Bangladesh under the name of TVS in Bangladesh. It is very popular in the transportation sector countrywide. With lower price tag and fuel efficiency TVS advanced in the Bangladeshi motorcycle market pretty fast. The overall corporate sale of TVS in Bangladesh is also increasing with time.

Their sports flagship product Apache RTR 150 and 160 are doing tremendously well against its many competitions. These bikes are fuel efficient and have good speed. The main attraction of these bikes is their sporty design and reasonable price range. But these bikes might seem a little weak when it comes to durability of their body, the engine shake is a little higher in these bikes, that’s why they are often prone to outer-damage. Despite all that people are buying Apache bikes like crazy because of their attractive features and price. TVS Bangladesh has also launched many new products recently, distributed countrywide. Moreover, TVS is now the company with a large showcase in our country.

TVS is also operating their after-sales services countrywide in cooperation with some dedicated and local mechanic shops. The availability of spare parts and a comfortable price tag of all their products have positioned TVS in a different appeal in our market. So TVS is without a doubt on our top motorcycle brands list.

HERO-The Large Showcase Motorcycle Brand In Bangladesh

Hero Motorcycle Logo Bikroy

Hero operates one of the largest product lines in Bangladeshi motorcycle market. The Nitol Niloy Group has been doing the distribution of Hero product for quite some time in our country. The corporate commuter sector is enormously covered by the main distributor, Hero Bangladesh.

The retail sales volume of Hero is also remarkable. Hero has some popular models of commuter as well as unisex scooters for both gents and women. Their sports segment of Hero Bangladesh is also very attractive as their flagship model Hunk and Xtreme series doing very well for many years. They have a different appeal among the youngsters. Their main attraction is the comfort of each model for both the rider and the passenger- these bikes contain double suspension, so that even after a long journey the people on the bike don’t feel much tired. They are pretty shock absorbent and noiseless, braking and the seating position are awesome, overall a very stable and comfortable riding series in Bangladesh.

Hero also has the countrywide distribution with many dedicated dealers. They are operating the after-sales service in cooperation with local mechanic shops, almost up to 3 years of service warranty, which is much more than other brands. Their official mobile technical team also visit the service shops around the year to ensure quality services. So Hero is definitely on our top five list. Also check Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Motorcycle.

Before we finish, check our Guide to Motorcycle Safety Gear for Riders in Bangladesh if you are planning to buy a motorcycle. We should like to mention as usual that this list is not the last and no bike is 100% perfect. It is up to you which type of ride is your priority and which motorcycle series is best for you. Before taking any decision make sure to study your favorite bike thoroughly and view numerous options in both online and offline platforms to know it well before making a purchase. offer a gigantic collection of motorbikes and commuter scooters from all the brands we mentioned here and much more. Remember that buying a new bike is a big investment, so make yours wisely.

Thank you all and happy shopping.


What are the top motorcycle brands in Bangladesh?

A data from has revealed the most popular motorcycle brands in Bangladesh, which consist:

  • Bajaj
  • HInda
  • Yamaha
  • TVS
  • Hero
How can I buy a motorcycle online in Bangladesh?
To make your move to favorite brands, you can log in to – The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh. where you can buy all sorts of motorbikes according to your favorite brand, model, and price.

Is it safe to buy a motorcycle online in Bangladesh?

Besides being so convenient, online motorcycle purchasing in Bangladesh is also a great way to find a Good Deal. Always read and screen your seller carefully and meet in a crowded place to make safe payment.

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