How to get a job while at school- Empower Yourself!

Jobs. No, I am not talking about the Steve Jobs movie about Apple’s co-founder, I am talking about actual, real world jobs for you – the high school teenager. Before diving into my top tips I should probably answer why you may want a job while still in school in the first place. Aside from the obvious benefits of having some extra pocket money, stepping into a work environment helps an individual learn how to better manage time, take on responsibilities and work with a team. It allows teens to mature and develop character and for many, this is the stepping stone into adulthood. While a full-time job will not be feasible or advisable for most students, part-time and stay at home jobs will likely interest all.

Here are 7 tips that will help you get a job and get started on a new part of life.

1. Find out what you are good at


This may sound obvious to some but it is the most important aspect when looking for work. Try to identify your skills and qualities. Look for things that you can tell an interviewer to highlight what you are good at. If you have good writing skills, take advantage of that! If you are good with math and numbers, make sure you mention it. At the end of the day, getting your first job will depend a lot on what you are good at right now and how your current skills can evolve to become more useful.

2. Build a strong résumé


A résumé is basically a summary of you and your skills and qualities. This is where you can shine and show off what you can do. If you are a good student, a school prefect, do volunteer work, have done internships and so on, this is where you mention them. Many employers may not require a resume but providing one will allow you to stand out from the crowd.

3. Look in the right places


You have a resume, you have your talents outlined but you don’t know where to actually apply for a job. Fortunately this is 2017 and finding opportunities is easier than ever. Go online and search for jobs in Bangladesh on reputed websites such as Bikroy. Use social media groups to search for openings and make a list of what is available. If you are aware of companies or organizations where you feel your skills can be utilized, add them to your list. If you are having a difficult time finding opportunities, don’t be afraid to ask for help. Ask your relatives, teachers or even your friends if they can refer you to a company. The more places you can apply to, the better your chances of getting employed.

4. Be Flexible, Be Adaptable


When working toward your first job you want to maximize your chances of employment. This will often mean that you will have to adjust your schedule and availability in order to work. Do not go into an agreement where the work hours would mean skipping school but try to meet your employer’s requirements. Furthermore, an entry level job will often require you to do things you may not have experience with. In such scenarios do not shy away from the challenge and try getting a good idea of what exactly will be required from you. Be sure to let the employer know that this will be your first time attempting such tasks and do not lie.

5. Go to your interview well prepared


You finally heard back from a few options and they have offered you an interview. What now? Entry level job interviews are seldom intense and most of the time the interviewer wants to talk to you to understand the type of employee you could be. There is no need to get nervous. Go to your interview well ahead of time and dress accordingly. Don’t go in wearing a full suit but aim for a business casual look. If this is your first ever interview, it would be very helpful if you practice talking to someone in a formal manner. Speak with confidence and be precise. Do not mumble and avoid using colloquial words and phrases.

6. Work for experience, not for the paycheck


Your potential employer probably will not offer you a six figure salary and you should not be looking for that either. In fact, I would suggest setting your expectations low for the first job. At this early stage you, as an employee, have a lot to learn. Go into your interviews thinking not about how much money you can walk away with each month but about how much knowledge and experience you can take home each day. It always helps if you can effectively convey these thoughts to a potential employer. Try to understand that at this stage you will benefit far more from experience than pocket money.

7. Keep trying


If you do not get a job offer from a few companies, don’t give up! This is just how the process works. You only fail when you stop trying so keep your spirits up and persist with your efforts. Look for ways by which you can make yourself a more compelling candidate. If the jobs you are looking at demand a certain skill such as a good grasp of Microsoft’s Office tools, work toward gaining that skill. Often times you will need these skills further down the road so it is a win win situation.

If you keep the above-mentioned tips in mind, you will surely land a job in no time!

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