Best DSLR Accessories You Must Have

You just bought a brand new DSLR and now you feel like a professional photographer or videographer when compared to the measly smartphone cameras your friends have. But hold on for a second. Before you get too excited it is important to know that the DSLR experience is not capped by only owning a DSLR. One of the main reasons why people opt for these cameras is because of their sheer versatility which opens up many doors for content creators. Therefore this post is for all DSLR users who want to know what are the best DSLR accessories they should look out for to enhance their experience. To get more help have a look here: What Should I Consider Before Buying My First DSLR Camera?

Additional Lenses 

50mm prime -lenses DSLR

You most likely bought your DSLR with the standard kit lens, which in all honesty is a great place to start. However, you will soon learn that these DSLR lenses have some limitations in terms of low light performance and the highly sought bokeh effect. To take your content to a wholly different level go buy a prime lens. These DSLR lenses cannot zoom in or out but they have a very low aperture which allows for excellent low light performance, extreme bokeh and very sharp images. The best prime lens to start with is a 50mm f/1.8 lens often dubbed the “nifty fifty”. Both Canon and Nikon have this lens and it is one of the most affordable lenses available.

Camera Bag

camera bag DSLR

You have your hands full with a whole bunch of accessories for your DSLR but do you have an effective way to carry them with you? The camera bag is a necessary evil that you must get your hands on. They can be quite annoying as they are bulky and usually are designed to fit your DSLR accessories exclusively. Regardless these are the safest and most efficient mediums for carrying your camera gear. There are a few different types of camera bags available in different sizes but what camera bag you buy will depend on the amount of gear you expect to carry most of the time. For quick work a medium sized side bag would be most effective but for more extensive work that requires more equipment, a backpack style bag would be best. One useful tip would be to stay away from the smallest bags which can literally fit just your DSLR. These become obsolete the quickest and are the least convenient.

Camera Stand/Pods

camera stands DSLR

Camera stands or tripods are some of the most useful tools you can buy for your DSLR. You will need one if you want to capture beautiful time-lapse or blur-free photos in low light situations. When it comes to videography, a camera stand is mandatory as these will allow you to get hundreds of steady shots that are impossible when only going handheld. A cheap tripod will do the job initially but these wear down very quickly and soon need replacement. Invest in a decent tripod because these will help you get smooth shots and will also last a good amount of time.


camera microphone DSLR

This piece of equipment is necessary for videography because the built in mic on all DSLRs is terrible. Amateur videographers usually focus on the video quality most and forget the importance of good audio. You can watch poor video quality but if a video does not have good audio your viewers will tune out quickly. For interview style videos a lavalier mic will be very useful but for a more versatile use case, opt for a shotgun mic.

Extra Batteries

Extra battery DSLR

DSLRs have notoriously short battery lives and when you are working on an event or even doing casual photography/videography you do not want the camera to die on you. Therefore an extra battery or two is a worthy investment that will save you from unexpected frustration ESPECIALLY if you forgot to charge the only battery you have. Unlike smartphones, DSLR batteries take forever to charge so without an extra you could find yourself losing hours of precious time.

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