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Anti-Mosquito Remedies : Keep Mosquitoes Away

The monsoon is here and it is ‘Eid’ for mosquitoes. With the growing swarm of mossies, mosquito-transmitted diseases are on board─Dengue, Malaria and especially the new fright of this year, Chikungunya. The market is full of many chemical-laden mosquito repellents. Today we will talk about some anti-mosquito home remedies that are not only super-effective in getting rid of mosquitoes but are also eco-friendly.

Coffee Grounds
anti mosquito remedies - coffee grounds

This simple kitchen supply can help you repel mosquitoes magically. All you need to do is just sprinkle pinches of coffee grounds wherever you find stagnant water around your garden or even within your house. It kills mosquitoes from the root. The mosquito eggs present in the stagnant water will be forced to come to the surface because of the coffee grounds. As they reach the surface, they will be deprived of Oxygen. This will kill them before they can hatch and you will be free from mosquitoes without getting your hands dirty.

Mosquito Traps
anti mosquito remedies - mosquito traps

You can easily make mosquito traps at home. To make one, you just need a plastic bottle. Cut the bottle in half. Mix sugar in hot water and after it cools down, put it in the bottom half of the bottle. Now, add yeast into it. Put the funnel part/top part os the bottle into the other half of the bottle upside down. Wrap a tape around the bottle, but keep the top uncovered. Your trap is ready! Now just place it in a mosquito-prone area, and see the magic!

This method of mosquito trapping is known as sugar yeast fermentation method. This is a very effective and pocket-friendly way to get rid of mosquitoes as the ingredients are easily available.

Lime and Cloves (Laung)
anti mosquito remedies lime and cloves

It is one of the simplest mosquito repellent recipes that can help you enjoy a fragrant and mosquito-free evening. Slice 3 limes in half, press in about 10 to 15 cloves in it. Put in a plate and place them around the area you sit. To get maximum result, microwave them for a few seconds, just enough heat for the lime and cloves to release the essential oils, and use quite a few around your room to keep the mosquitoes out.

anti mosquito remedies garlic

Garlic extracts have great anti-mosquito properties. Crush a few cloves of garlic and boil them in water for some time. Then pour it into a spray bottle and spray it around the room. This remedy will kill the mosquitoes naturally.

Eat garlic daily to avoid mosquito bites. You can also rub a garlic clove directly on the skin. Be careful as it is irritating to some people.

Peppermint and Lavender
anti mosquito remedies peppermint and lavender

Peppermint is a natural insecticide with a fresh and minty aroma. You can spray it to repel mosquitoes. Studies have proved that essential oils are most effective against mosquitoes, especially peppermint oil. This oil can irritate skin, so be careful while spraying it.

The smell of lavender oil can keep mosquitoes away very effectively. The smell of the lavender is very strong and mosquitoes can’t tolerate it. Spray lavender oil it in the room or you can also apply it on your face and other parts of the body which remain exposed.

Alternatively, you can also grow peppermint and lavender mosquito repelling plants around your house and garden to keep mosquitoes away.

Whether you live in town or village, you can always find these hacks effective for your home. Also, there is no competition of mosquito nets and electric anti-mosquito gadgets when you go to sleep at night, anyway, it is always good to keep it natural. So try these remedies today and let us know how much these worked for you. 🙂

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