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We all want a job. Even when we don’t we seek them out, we need a stable source of funding to survive in this world. Every day we have fresh new graduates who are highly skilled and learned in their fields yet we keep hearing stories of these highly qualified individuals having a hard time finding a proper place to work. Getting hired is not easy but it doesn’t have to be hard either. Often we overlook a lot of important factors that contribute to how valuable one can look to be as a potential employee so this guide is aimed at helping you become the best possible candidate for the job.

Master in Public Speaking

If you can’t have a thoughtful, comprehensive interaction with an interviewer, your chances of getting hired will be seriously hurt. It is vital to be able to communicate effectively in virtually all work environments and if you cannot show that skill in an interview you will make yourself look silly. A good ability to speak also involves being able to listen i.e communicate. If you can talk confidently for hours but cannot stop to hear what the other person has to say, it’s time to become a listener. Good speaking skills will get you far but it won’t cover up inadequacies in technical skill so use your speaking abilities to compliment your work skills.

Look Sharp, Act Sharp

Facebook posts and motivational quotes will tell you that looks don’t matter but real people aren’t as blind as bats. In order to get the job, you must look like you already have the job. When you walk into the interview you want to make a good first impression. Your appearance and the way you carry yourself say a lot about you without you having to utter a word so it is important to not lose sight of yourself. Most interviews require you to wear business casual attire but the way you make an impression goes far beyond that. If you wear a shirt make sure it is pressed, if you wear glasses ensure that they look spotless. Put extra emphasis on your posture and don’t slouch. These small details can’t effectively hint at your skills but a lack of care toward such details paints a negative picture of you. You can check out our article for some tips on how to prepare yourself well for the interview.

Be Resilient

You are probably reading this article because you have not had success in obtaining a job and that really is completely normal. This is all just a process and your goal is to make sure you fight through all the hardships and come out on top. There will be moments when you will feel down. There may even be moments when you question your skills and self-worth but that is all just a hurdle that almost everyone has jump over. You cannot let job rejections and unemployment slow you down because that would only lead to further delays and a loss of motivation. The key to landing that job is to be strong and not give up.

Keep Your Expectations Realistic

Everyone wants a job at the best company in his field. A good starting salary, employee benefits, and vacations all make their way onto the list of “things I want from my job”. While many people can manage to get all these it is the exception and not the norm. As a job seeker, you have to be realistic about what you expect because it is quite rare to get the benefits of a veteran in the field on your first job. The benefits will come but they will require your dedication and sincere effort towards the organization. Good work pays off so for the time being stay a bit grounded and focus on your potential at the workplace in the near future instead of immediate benefits.

Do Your Research

We keep talking about research in all our jobs related articles. We always recommend that you learn about the company and the position and make sure you know what you want out of the job but this tip is a bit different from that.

Many people will find themselves unemployed for longer than the ideal period of time. What we suggest is that in this period, you keep yourself in the loop of the business. Keep yourself updated about what is going on in your field of work, learn about new breakthroughs or techniques and try to teach those to yourself so that you can enter the job with full knowledge of what is going on. You do not want to be in a position where you are asked about an ongoing issue in the business which you have no knowledge of so do your research and stay updated.

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