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Tips on Purchasing Sacrificial Animals Online

Over the last few years, there has been a radical change in the way animals are bought at the Qurbani market. For those who don’t feel comfortable buying sacrificial animals by pushing the crowd, online haats have come as a relief. Not only in the case of buying animals, but some establishments process the meat of the sacrificial animal and deliver it to the desired destination of the customer. To save both time and energy, more and more people are turning to this online animal market.

And keeping this in mind, Bikroy, the pioneer of organizing digital haats in Bangladesh, has brought its flagship campaign, ‘Birat Haat’, this year. Apart from checking the desired animal from here, one can also learn about the current status of the country’s Qurbani Haat.

However, there are a few things to consider while buying cattle online. One of them is the method for identifying the proper animal and accurately pricing it. That is the subject of today’s article.

Information about the health of sacrificial animals

Age is very important to keep in mind when choosing a sacrificial animal, whether offline or online. In the case of goats and sheep, the age should be at least one year. And in the case of cows, the age should be at least two years. However, camels should be at least five years old for selection. It is forbidden to sacrifice or eat the meat of the selected animal unless it is an adult. The age of a healthy adult cow can usually be determined by looking at its teeth. A healthy two-year-old cow has two permanent incisors, four at 3 years, six at 4 years, and eight permanent incisors in the whole mouth at 5 years. In the case of a goat or sheep, if it has two permanent teeth or is 1 year old, it is considered suitable for sacrifice. Make sure that the animal you buy has not been given any steroids or hormonal drugs. Also, make sure that the animal is not pregnant. Because it is forbidden to sacrifice pregnant animals.

Aside from that, all other factors affecting the sacrificial animal’s health must be considered-

  • The animal will be active, not showing tiredness or shivering
  • Animals will always wag their ears and tails
  • Eyes will shine
  • There will be a wet feeling on the nose
  • The animal will ruminate
  • The skin will be smooth
  • The back will be tight

Some tips for choosing animals in the online market

Since many people are choosing animals online, the following tips can be kept in mind while selecting animals:

  • Be aware of the current market prices: Be aware of the animal varieties and prices of individuals who are purchasing animals in or near your local haat. Compare the cost of your preferred animal.
  • Note the details of the animal: Make sure the animal you choose is healthy. Take pictures of the animal from different angles with the seller and see the animal on a live video call if necessary.
  • Find out all the qualities of the animal from the seller: Talk to the seller and find out the animal’s age, diet, and other necessary information. Also, find out if the seller can offer home delivery after buying the animal.
  • Seek expert advice: In selecting the animals, first, take advice from someone who has experience buying animals, and if necessary, take him along to see the animals. You can also talk to other farm owners to gain additional experience.
  • Observe the animal with your own eyes: The most critical step in purchasing a sacrificial animal online is to physically inspect the animal. In the beginning, request as many images as possible from various perspectives; you may even see them through video chats. If a vendor is hesitant to provide as clear a photo or video as possible, it is advisable not to purchase from him. In this situation, you may inspect the animal by contacting the seller directly.
  • Set prices with caution: Stay within your budget and negotiate a reasonable price. In this situation, you can discuss it with other customers and producers.

The facility of purchasing animals from Bikroy’s ‘Birat Haat’

Bikroy launched ‘Birat Haat’ to support consumers with comparison and verification. Buyers can easily explore Bikroy’s ‘Livestock’ category to contact the farm owner from the ad for their desired animal and purchase it at a reasonable price.


With all of these things in mind, you can choose the animal you want to sacrifice and buy it from the farm you want. Remember that you shouldn’t buy a cow from an online seller who doesn’t show it off well. The best thing to do after choosing an animal online is to go see it in person. Bikroy has more than 9,000 ads from all over the country for animals for sale. So this Eid, you can trust Bikroy to buy and sell animals for sacrifices.

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