Top 5 Soft Skills for Customer Service Jobs

What are soft skills? Soft or interpersonal skills are the non-tangible personal characteristics of a person that demonstrates how that individual interacts with others.

These are different from “hard skills” which are more easily identifiable and are often obtained through formal training. Soft skills are important for employees in any sort of job however they are absolutely crucial in the customer service industry where interacting with people is the primary objective.

Mastering these skills will not only open up many new job opportunities but will also pave the way for success in the future. Here are a few soft skills that we believe are vital to finding a full-fledged customer service executive job in Bangladesh.

Soft Skills for Jobs - listening

1. Listening

To be able to address a problem, one must first be able to understand the problem. This is where learning to be a good listener will come in handy. You must be able to take in all that the customer is saying and also comprehend what the customer is saying.

If you are on the phone, for example, you should try to let the person finish what they are saying and not interrupt as that can block the flow of thought. Often times in these customer service jobs the customers simply want their problems or opinions to be heard and reassuring that their thoughts are being taken into consideration will usually lead to better customer satisfaction.

2. Communication

Good communication skills are mandatory in virtually every job. At times people approach with problems that they cannot clearly describe themselves so it is important to be able to talk to the individual in order to figure out what the issue is. Communicating involves active interaction. This means that when someone is talking to you, you do not just blankly stare into their souls.

You first listen to what is being said and then follow up with questions or statements to ensure both parties know what is going on. Being able to communicate well also involves being able to speak clearly and to the point. Time is money and in these jobs you have to keep the conversations short but engaging.

3. Body Language

Body language is one of the most underrated and overlooked soft skills there is. It is something that is also a bit difficult to learn and can be difficult for many to change due to long term habits. Your body language says a lot about you and when you talk to someone, it subconsciously sends them messages about how you feel.

In the service industry, you do not want to send negative signals to your customers so it is important to avoid certain things like crossing your arms across your chest or slouching at your desk. Maintaining good posture, keeping your arms free, and having a smile across your face goes a long way into making your customer’s day better.

4. Positivity

Keeping a positive attitude is good practice in any scenario. In customer service jobs in Bangladesh though, it could be the difference between a miserable experience and a good experience. Positivity and optimism go hand in hand. When combined, you will find that problems seem easier to solve and customers seem easier to handle. Positivity is something that can also be shared so if you find your co-workers or customers feeling down, some good energy from your part can help lift the spirit of the workplace.

5. Empathy

Empathy is a skill that must be felt and so is one that is tough for a lot of people to understand. To put it simply, you have to be able to put yourself in the shoes of your customer and understand how the individual is feeling. This is harder to do than it sounds and that is why it is such an important skill. Employees who can empathize well are often better received by customers and so can excel at their jobs. Being able to empathize allows one to identify the magnitude of the situation. As for the customer, it is always appreciated when those offering services not only understand the problem but also understand how the customer feels.

When it comes to jobs, we pay too much attention to the palpable aspects. We focus on the education and experience most and leave out the smaller things which are actually important when it comes to offering service. Mastering the soft skills will give you an edge in the workplace and improve the service you can offer. Moreover, it can lead to better opportunities and greater success in the workplace.

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