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Accountancy jobs as well as finance jobs are the hardest positions to fill in a company but they are one of the most important. Without financial advisers or bookkeepers, a company cannot expect to run efficiently for very long. Often, an entrepreneur will do his or her own books but that can be a recipe for disaster if it’s continued long term. is a perfect way to hire professionals for jobs in Dhaka as well as jobs in Bangladesh, but you’ll need to understand how to hire the best employee for the position, which can be extremely challenging.

Evaluate the Position

If you don’t know about the position in detail yourself, find someone who does like others in the department or a bookkeeper or financial adviser who can give you tips on the position’s daily work routine and general knowledge. It’s important to know what kind of skills are required so you can hire the best choice for the job. Some positions require basic data entry skills with a light knowledge of accounting while more advanced positions need to know how to evaluate financial statements and make projections for the future.

Advertising the Vacancy

Finance and accountancy professionals know they are in demand. They can be extremely choosy about the positions they take. You’ll want to attract qualified candidates to your positions with precise wording and calls to action that will entice only the best. Write your advertisement in a way that weeds out the unqualified. Ask for exactly the type of candidate you want to interview, but don’t list personal qualities. That will be easier to judge in the interview if you haven’t clued in the dishonest who will fake what they think you want.

Vital Basic Skills

Basic bookkeeping skills are essential for accountancy jobs. A good candidate for a basic position should know to enter charges and credits into a balance sheet, know the Chart of Accounts and know basic tax information. A financial adviser or accountant should have a degree, know all the information that bookkeepers understand and be able to take the process a step further with analysis and forecast. During the interview, ask these questions to determine whether he or she understands the basics.

Testing Interview

Often, a bookkeeper or accountant is hired by a person who isn’t familiar with the process. The company waits to ensure the bookkeeper or financial adviser doesn’t create a serious money problem. If the company is lucky, they’ll have hired someone competent and capable, but it’s a gamble unless the candidate is tested for competencies. A simple test with multiple choice questions can tell you whether the candidate has basic accounting knowledge. The test should involve basic credit and debit questions that every accounting candidate should know.


Education for a financial position varies between basic university education and work experience to advanced degrees requiring years of study. Accounting clerks and bookkeepers might have a degree but some have years of work experience. The choice made rest entirely on personal preference. Many experienced bookkeepers have no degree but have learned everything they need to with on the job training. Financial advisers, accountants and more advanced financial positions need more education. They require years of learning and degrees. They might have more than one degree too.


There are national certifications that are common to most bookkeepers. This might not be a determining factor in your hiring process, but it should be. If a bookkeeper and financial adviser participate in more advanced certifications, it means they are always striving to learn and advance their skills. While the basis for accounting is solid, the software and practices are fluid.

Accountability and Trustworthiness

One of the hardest things to judge in an interview is the accountability and trustworthiness of the candidate. This is the person who will be handling your livelihood. After performing countless interviews, you’ll start to get a feel for who you can trust and who makes you uncomfortable. This should never be an entirely gut reaction to a candidate unless the gut reaction is screaming not to trust them. In that case, trust your instincts.


Every staff position should require references, but checking the references of a financial position is paramount. With the level of trust involved, you’ll need to make sure there aren’t any problems with the candidate. You’ll have to make sure that the person didn’t have major issues at other jobs. Call and verify all the data on the person’s CV before making a hiring decision. Don’t be afraid to call a candidate back for further interviews and testing.

Financial or accountancy vacancies shouldn’t be filled quickly. While they are important positions that can’t be vacant for long, you want to have a qualified individual in the job. For jobs in Chittagong and other areas, is a great way to advertise your accountancy vacancy and find the best person to fill the position.

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