Ways to Reduce Fuel Cost in Bangladesh

Are you worrying about how to save your hard earned money on fuel?
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Learn about the awesome ways you can reduce your fuels costs in Bangladesh.

Fuels costs are one of those things which can only go up. Regardless of the strength of an economy, in all parts of the world the rising price of gasoline is an issue which is extremely difficult to deal with. While citizens across the globe want reduced fuel costs whether for vehicles, it is not something which can be easily offered by any government.

But we have compiled some of the best and most awesome ways of how drivers can reduce fuel costs especially through reduced consumption of fuel while using their vehicles such as cars or motorcycles.

So while many of us dread filling up our fuel tanks, these tips are designed to make the most of every last drop of your fuel. As a result you will reduce fuel costs which you cannot avoid! You should also check out Which are the Best Cars for Fuel Economy in Bangladesh.

So, here are the most reliable ways to reduce fuel costs in Bangladesh:

Time Spent on the Road

As we have mentioned earlier, the best way to save on fuel costs is through less fuel consumption. One of the first & foremost things you can do to consume less fuel is be on the road as little as possible. Now, these may sound funny, but consider serious solutions such as carpooling & ridesharing services. If you have a colleague living in your area, instead of both of you driving to work every day with your individuals vehicles (whether it’s a motorcycle or a car) consider sharing. This way, you will both be saving on fuel costs which is individually impossible to do.

You can limit taking your vehicle out for short trips such as to the markets and other outings which are at a reasonable distance. Instead of driving to your neighborhood restaurant for a meal, consider a walk or have your friends pick you up. These are just some of the many ways to reduce the time spent on the roads with our vehicles which is very easy to follow and very easy to save your hard-earned money by reduced fuel costs.

Fuel Purchase Habit

You should consider the most efficient grade of fuel for your vehicle. While many cars or motorcycles require a particular grade of petrol, most vehicles perform without any issues on lower grade gasoline. So you can check with a mechanic to see if you need a more expensive type of fuel or will your car operate efficiently on a cheaper grade of fuel. Also, you need to always check on the prices of fuel on different gas stations. The few pennies or taka difference is a lot considering your monthly or yearly fuel costs. While gas prices do fluctuate, many gas pumps always charge more. So reconsider your fuel purchasing habits to save on costs.

Speed Limit

Another crucial issue is the connection between your driving habits and how it affects the mileage of your vehicle, the fuel costs, the condition of your vehicle, etc. we often fail to recognize how a silly habit may actually have an adverse effect on our vehicle or on fuel costs. One of the primary habits is driving too fast, while the roads in Bangladesh are not built with speed limits at every corner, you should drive at a moderate speed. Excessive acceleration, hard brakes, etc. consume a lot of fuel. So, driving at moderate speeds is not only safe, secure but also cost saving to your fuel costs.

Travel Light

Another driving habit, is storing too many things on your car. Consider what you store in your car as you make your trips. Often times, we keep many things in our cars, such as bags, with things that we do not need in our cars. Carrying unnecessary luggage will affect the fuel consumption of your vehicle. So travel light at all times.

Air Conditioning

The use of the AC must also be monitored. While during the harsh and hot summers, it is unavoidable, you must consider reduced AC usage. The AC uses a lot of fuel! During nights and evenings, put the windows down and enjoy the light breeze outside. During the winter, consider not using your AC unless it is extra hot.

Turn Off the Engine

While on the road you should be aware of not speeding, as mentioned earlier, you should also use the brake as little as possible. Always leave a safe distance with other cars to avoid hard brakes. This will also not require you re-accelerate. Also, while you are stuck in traffic in most roads in Dhaka, or at a traffic stop, turn the engine off if you have to stand for more than a minute. Running your vehicle on idle uses more fuel than we assume. So whether you are a driver or a passenger, instruct the driver to turn off the engine during longer stops.

Route Selection

One of the things you should be doing as soon as possible is re-evaluating your route to work, home and other places you travel every day. Not only will this save you time but also significantly reduce fuel costs for your trips which you take almost every day. Consider highways routes, broken roads, shortcuts, traffic, etc. to pick a route which is most efficient in time and distance. Use alternate routes at different times of day to save on time, traffic, signals, etc. You may also consider using the help of GPS tracking services such as Google maps for assistance for the shortest routes, fastest routes, etc. Share your plans with others for helping them as well.

Maintenance of Your Vehicle

Do not underestimate the efficiency of a well maintained vehicle, both motorcycles and cars. Many of us do not properly maintain our rides and abuse its good services. So make sure you take routine trips to a workshop for oil change, filter change, etc. to have your vehicle performing at the best level. One of the most common issues is the lack of sufficient amount of air in the tires. So check tire pressure and tire condition. If the engine is well maintained then it will use less fuel and give better power during your rides. So, align your tires, replaces filters, oils, spark plugs, etc. for the best performance from your car.

The Rising Popularity of Hybrid Cars

Hybrid Cars in Bangladesh

As we have already realized by now, the best way to reduce fuel costs is to reduce fuel consumption. So it is always advised that you purchase and drive a vehicle that is known for good gas mileage. Many consider driving a manual car instead of an automated transmission due to the fuel efficiency of a manual car. Also, there are lots of affordable vehicles with healthy miles per liter of fuel consumption to consider rather than the look of it.

One trend which is quickly rising in popularity of electric or hybrid cars in Bangladesh. A fuel efficient model for an affordable price is easier to find today then you may have previously anticipated. So, most car owners in Bangladesh are now considering staying away from large cars and going for fuel efficient, smaller, hybrid models.

The increases in sales of used or new hybrid cars are especially due to the better fuel economy and the overall lower priced vehicles. Bangladesh government has also relaxed tax on hybrid cars. According to National Board of Revenue the Service Duty on hybrid cars of up to 1,600cc has been reduced by 5% for the 2017-2018 fiscal year. The tax for hybrid cars above that is now reduced by 15% at just 45 percent. For those above 2,000cc is reduced to 60% from 150%.

Many car import agencies have reported that hybrid and electric cars are going to be the future and the current market is holding true to this trend. The imports are likely to increase to meet the demands of new car owners who are actively considering fuel efficient vehicles in Bangladesh.

One of the major drawbacks is however the cost, availability and maintenance of replacement batteries for hybrid and electric cars. The batteries for hybrid cars are expensive and high maintenance. The localization of battery manufacture is likely to overcome this drawback for a more pollution free roads and traffic conditions in Bangladesh.

So consider browsing through online marketplaces such as for new & used hybrid cars, manual transmission cars, and other vehicles such as motorcycles to get a more fuel efficient solution for yourself today!


There are tons of ways to reduce fuel costs by lowering the consumption of fuel by your vehicle. So be smart and consume less to reduce fuel costs. As a quick advice, I suggest that you purchase a fuel efficient vehicle and practice safe driving habits while maintaining your car or motorcycles to get the best from every last drop of fuel. Pay attention to the road conditions, car conditions, and come up with an intelligent way to deal with your habits on the road to reduce fuel costs by up to 25%.

While there are many other ways to reduce fuel costs, share your best or favorite way in the comments section. Waste of fuel is one the contributors to pollution in the roads of Bangladesh so do this as a model citizen while saving your hard earned money as well.

For any person or business, small or large, fuel is one of the largest expenses. You cannot control fuel prices but you can control how you use it. So try the tips mentioned to reduce fuel costs while driving around in Bangladesh.

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