Important Skills to Develop a Career as Programmer in Bangladesh

Are you looking to develop yourself for a career as a programmer?
Feeling nervous about looking for programmer jobs in Bangladesh after completing your studies?

When starting to write code or programming, it can all feel very overwhelming. But it is only natural! You will have several thoughts which clutter your mind such as where your focus should be on front end or back end? You will struggle to decide upon a particular programming language. Or you will stutter in taking the first steps to begin!

You will find motivation & inspiration in the form of the several job opportunities that are available to proficient programmers for a successful career in Bangladesh or even worldwide. There are many benefits such as working at your own time, high salaries, meaningful work and the freedom to work from anywhere you choose. As a good programmer, you can call shots on your passions, projects, etc.

Regardless, getting started is and will always be intimidating for programming. Employers look to find well-rounded programmers with a variety of skills. Don’t be discouraged! To know the demand of this blog please check out our this article “Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Bangladesh

Some natural abilities already exist in candidates while others may very well be polished or acquired!

Well Rounded Programmer Skills

Technical Skills:




Microsoft C#


.NET Programming







Soft Skills:

Communication skills

Problem solving




How & Where to Begin Your Career as a Programmer?

Starting a career as programmer for good jobs in Bangladesh is not achievable with just one skill. There are several skills that need to be mastered for becoming a good computer programmer such as the ones listed on the above table.

Now, let’s focus on the 10 most essential skills for students pursuing a career in programming:

  • Basic Math Skills

As students, you must have basic skills in mathematics. Without interest or skillfulness in math such as algebra & arithmetic, you will struggle in programming. So it is absolutely unavoidable. You must prepare yourself well with the basic understanding of mathematics.

  • Passion for Solving Problems

In a career as programmer, you will be tasked with writing codes to solve a problem. So you must have passion for solving problems. If you don’t enjoy thinking about ways to solve problems, then you will struggle writing codes to do so.

  • Excellent Communication

It is a common misunderstanding that as a programmer, you will be sat in front of your device writing codes. While there are many people who may choose to do this & perform their best in such fashion, it is not the only way! Regardless, they must also be very good with their communicational skills. Without proper communication, you will struggle to communicate with colleagues, superiors & others in any jobs in Bangladesh. If you are not an expert in speaking, then you can also work on written communication via emails, etc.

  • Good Writing

As mentioned earlier for communication, you will need good written skills as well. But in addition, you need to have good written skills for writing code & documentation. Not only do you need it for your programming, you also need to express your understanding across to others including non-technical colleagues, clients, or superiors.

  • Computer Skills

Now this may seem elementary, but if you are the type of student who is yet to make up their mind on their career choice for jobs in Bangladesh and you are considering programming then you must gain confidence around the use of computers as a beginner. Only then will you be able to pursue a career as a programmer.

  • Use All Available Resources

It is an extremely underrated skill but deserves more credit than it gets. One of the most beneficial resources available today is the vast world of Google. It is an art to know how to search for information on Google and getting to all the different types of information which is authentic & useful.

  • An Inquisitive Mind

As a programmer, you will need tobe inquisitive! You must always pursue the understanding of how things are working and how they can work better or more efficiently. If you have an idea, then you must be inquisitive enough to investigate & implement it by writing your codes.

  • Learn Concepts & Apply Them to Solve Problems

On the whole, you will need to learn concepts and be able to implement them to solve particular problems. So, you must use your passions, trainings, education, experiences, etc. to not only learn things but also to apply them for problem solving.

So What Else is needed for a Successful Career as Programmer in Bangladesh?

Quite a lot, actually!

But we as we are not focusing on the technical aspects of becoming a programmer, success in every career depends on the perfect balance between your technical knowledge and soft skills. A programmer can only be successful by writing a working code using their critical thinking skills but must also be strong enough to face repeated failures. Because, every programmer no matter how experienced, every programmer struggles to write working codes.

Many experts say that the technical knowledge surrounding programming is critical but none of them undermine the importance of soft skills. In the simplest of definitions, if you are an individual who is capable of solving problems, learning fast and dealing with people, then your chances of success will be at the greatest in your career future.

Here are 5 methods for a thriving career in programming with expert advice & opinions:

1. Problem Solving

As we have previously discussed, the main objective of programming is solving problems. As mentioned on, “without problems there wouldn’t be a need for software. All software is designed to solve some user problem and within that general solution is a wide array of smaller problems that make it up.”

The sole purpose of programming is to solve issues by creating solutions by writing codes & creating programs. You must also be ready to counter any issues that may appear and solve them as soon as possible. The tiniest of an error may cause a program to go horribly wrong. A useful programming certificate is the Grantham’s Online Introduction to Programming certificate program for boosting problem solving skills for a successful career.

2. A Sharp Memory

As a programmer, you will always be dealing with complex programming sequences of codes and instructions. Your mind will be constantly facing difficulties and needing rest to recover. This may make you forget the simplest of things and may hurt you as you move forward. One of the most seemingly powerful skill is actually the most harmful – multitasking.

Expert doctor and New York Times bestselling author, Dr. Joseph Mercola states that multitasking causes our minds to make more mistakes and misplace information. Her expert advice to individuals is to get in the habit of focusing on one task by finishing it before starting another.

You can try several other methods to get a sharper memory and make your mind more efficient. For example, you can help sharpen your memory by eating healthy foods to boost brain function, plenty of exercise, enough sleep, pursuing hobbies & playing brain games or activities.

3. Efficient Laziness

One of the most well-known mantras of success which is followed by successful individuals such as Bill Gates is very simple: For the most difficult of tasks, ask a lazy person for a solution. This is because they will find the most efficient way of doing it. So, laziness is not the state of not doing anything. Rather, it is the state of doing things with the least amount of effort. In this way, this becomes a positive skill.

The purpose of programming is to find the best or the simplest way to do a task. The difference is this must be done through the most efficient tactics and routes using programs, such as JavaScript, HTML, C and C++, etc.

4. Self-Motivation

One of the most important things in programming is deadlines. So for jobs in Bangladesh you will face very tight deadlines with your clients, company & colleagues. It is important to keep yourself motivated at all times, even if you are working alone. So, you must take responsibility to be motivated and meet deadlines with proper communication for progress in the professional environment.

5. Perseverance

Regardless of how experienced or well learned, it is rate to have a 100% perfect coding record for programmers. Every programmer struggles to get their codes to work the first time and even every other time. So, don’t be disheartened with failures and always continue to work hard with several attempts.

So you must learn to handle your failures to move ahead. Treat all failures as a challenge that must be overcome like puzzles. With each failure that you overcome, you will feel accomplished and move forward with more confidence.

What Employers Look For?

The most overlooked aspect of programming is not the actual task of writing code but the following:

  • Programmers must be able to work efficiently with employers, clients, consumers and coworkers who may or may not understand technical things
  • Strong empathy and communication skills for beginners will makes you an asset for any company
  • Effective in managing expectations, interpreting vague desires of clients & superiors
  • Honestly express what is possible and what isn’t to clients & colleagues
  • Be open to advice, direction even if it is non-technical
  • Understand, be sensitive to and share emotions of others in your work

These are things that will make you proactive, encourage consistent development and increase your focus and commitment for learning a programming language to become a prized asset for any renowned company in Bangladesh or for any individual project you are thinking to take on.


You can apply the skills we have discussed to develop your skills for a successful career in Programming. Before you jump into the complex world of programming, you should master both the technical and soft skills to move ahead with confidence. You should pursue Introduction to Programming certificate programs in addition to your normal studies to prepare yourself for the exciting and challenging technical career in Bangladesh. While you can get a certificate in a few months, you will need several hours to develop your skills by implementing what you learn.

Search for thousands of job postings in for training programs, internships, jobs and more in areas of your interest such as a career as programmer, designer, etc.

Apply these tips to your routine today and share with us how it is helping you to master the skills for your future career in Programming!

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