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7 Brand New Cars That You Can Buy Under BDT 20 Lakh

In Bangladesh, budget is an important and considerable aspect while choosing a perfect family car that fits our requirements. However, the Bangladeshi automobiles market is quite a diverse market – with some inner productions the industry is trying to spread but in most cases, we import reconditioned cars from other countries. 

If you are looking for a car within a reasonable price group, you are in the right place. With thousands of ads posted monthly, – The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh has sufficient data to direct you on the right decision. 

Here, we have assembled some mid-budget cars currently available in the car market in Bangladesh. We hope this will help your decision-making process a little less daunting. 

Best Cheap Cars in Bangladesh under BDT 20 Lakh

As we have already mentioned, the automobile industry is still dependent on imported reconditioned vehicles, so there is no dearth of affordable cars in Bangladesh. Customers usually prioritize performance, price, brand, and comfort while choosing a vehicle.

Keeping this in mind, here we have listed that you can purchase within a budget of BDT 20 lakh, with superior performance. 

1. Tata Tiago 

Tata Tiago
Tata Tiago

Tata Tiago is a great budget offering by Tata Motors. The model has come with so many impressive features and specifications. Under the hood, this car is powered by Tata’s own Revorton petrol engine with a 5-speed manual transmission system inside. 

In an ideal condition, this vehicle can produce 84bhp of power and a torque of about 113 Nm. 

Tata Tiago Specifications and Price
Engine 3 Cylinder/1199 cc
Fuel type Petrol
Mileage 23.84 kmpl (est.)
Top speed150kph (est.)

Tata Tiago price in Bangladesh: Current market price of Tata Tiago is BDT 16,95,000 in Bangladesh.

2. Suzuki Wagon R

Suzuki Wagon R
Suzuki Wagon R

If you are looking for low price price cars in Bangladesh, then Suzuki Wagon R should be on your list. This car comes with compatibility, affordability, and quality. 

One of the most reasonable cars in Bangladesh so far. The Suzuki Wagon R is powered by a K12M engine, generating a max power of 81bhp and a peak torque of 113 Nm. The car is available with both automatic and manual transmission for Bangladeshi consumers. 

Suzuki Wagon R Specifications and Price
Engine 3 Cylinder/998 cc
Fuel type Petrol
Mileage 21.79kmpl
Top speed152kmph

Suzuki Wagon R price in Bangladesh: Current market price of Suzuki Wagon R is BDT 12,75,000 in Bangladesh.

3. Renault Kwid

Renault Kwid
Renault Kwid

Your search for cheap cars in Bangladesh can lead you to Renault Kwid easily. With a large 28-liter fuel capacity, this car is powered by a DOHC-5 engine which can produce a torque of 91 Nm. 

If it’s about power, the Renault Kwid can produce a max output of 67bhp. Besides, this car comes with a large boot space of 279 liters for the users. 

Renault Kwid Specifications and Price
Engine 3 Cylinder/1.0 ltr
Fuel type Petrol
Mileage 24.04kmpl
Top speed135kmph

Renault Kwid price in Bangladesh: Current market price of Renault Kwid is BDT 12,50,000 in Bangladesh.

4. Suzuki Baleno Alpha

Suzuki Baleno Alpha
Suzuki Baleno Alpha

Available with a powerful petrol engine, Suzuki Baleno Alpha is one of the most affordable cars in Bangladesh. If you are looking for a car with premium features within a budget segment, this is the ideal choice for you. 

This vehicle can generate a max power of 81.80 bhp and a torque of up to 113 Nm. 

Suzuki Baleno Alpha Specifications and Price
Engine 4 Cylinder/1197 cc
Fuel type Petrol
Mileage 21.01kmpl
Top speed180kmph

Suzuki Baleno Alpha price in Bangladesh: Current market price of Suzuki Baleno Alpha is BDT 19,75,000 in Bangladesh.

5. Suzuki Dzire

The Suzuki Dzire
The Suzuki Dzire

The Suzuki Dzire is another family car, in this list of best cheap cars in Bangladesh. Arriving with the petrol variant this vehicle contains a powerful engine with a displacement of 1197 cc. 

The max torque output from this car is 113 Nm while the peak power output is 61bhp. The fuel tank capacity of Suzuki Dzire is 37 liters. 

Suzuki Dzire Specifications and Price
Engine 4 Cylinder/1197 cc
Fuel type Petrol
Mileage 24.12kmpl
Top speed155kmph

Suzuki Dzire price in Bangladesh: Current market price of Suzuki Dzire is BDT 15,95,000 in Bangladesh.

6. Tata Indigo

Tata Indigo
Tata Indigo

You can not go wrong if your choice for budget-friendly cars is the Tata Indigo. One of the most popular sedan cars in Bangladesh, since its launching, the Tata Indigo is equipped with a 4 cylinder, 6 speed, manual transmission engine. The diesel variants are currently available in the market. 

As a user, you can expect maximum power and torque of around 70ps and 135 Nm respectively. 

Tata Indigo Specifications and Price
Engine 4 Cylinder/1405 cc
Fuel type Diesel
Mileage 25.0kmpl
Top speed154kmph

Tata Indigo price in Bangladesh: Current market price of Tata Indigo is BDT 15,95,000 in Bangladesh.

7. Suzuki Swift

Suzuki Swift
Suzuki Swift

Another Suzuki offering in the list of cheap cars in Bangladesh is the Suzuki Swift, fitted with a 4 cylinder/1197 cc engine. 

Furthermore, the car comes with a 5-speed automatic transmission system. Peak power and torque ratings are 61bhp and 113 Nm respectively. 

Suzuki Swift Specifications and Price
Engine 4 Cylinder/1197 cc
Fuel type Petrol
Mileage 21.21kmpl (est.)
Top speed210kmph (est.)

Suzuki Swift price in Bangladesh: Current market price of Suzuki Swift is BDT 13,75,000 in Bangladesh.

Final Words

There are only 7 car models we have mentioned under 20 lakh BDT in Bangladesh. You can also consider countless reconditioned cars within this price range. 

However, we have mentioned the price range depending on the current situation of the car market in Bangladesh. Therefore exact price can vary, depending on the time you are moving to buy your car. 

Nevertheless, the budget shouldn’t be a major issue with your car purchasing journey. With such a diverse price range of cars present in the market, you can easily make a bridge between your budget and requirements in search of cheap cars in Bangladesh. 

Happy shopping! 


Where can I find cheap cars for sale in Bangladesh?
To find the best budget cars within your budget, you can visit– The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh.
Is it okay to buy a car at a cheap price? 
Depending on your requirements and your budget, you can go with an affordable car. Make sure the accessories and papers before making a purchase.
What is the current situation of the Car Market in Bangladesh? 
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What are the best small cars to buy in Bangladesh? 
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Which are the low price cars in Bangladesh?
Among many we have assembled 7 cheap cars to own in Bangladesh:

  1. Tata Tiago 
  2. Suzuki Wagon R. 
  3. Renault Kwid
  4. Suzuki Baleno Alpha
  5. Suzuki Dzire
  6. Tata Indigo
  7. Suzuki Swift
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