A Look At the New Samsung S5 Mobile Phone

The most anticipated smartphone of 2014 is on its way! The Samsung Galaxy S5 will make its global debut in April. This newest Samsung phone borrows a few features from its predecessor, the Galaxy S4, but also includes some fresh, new innovations. The Samsung Galaxy S5 raises the bar in the mobile phone marketplaces.


The Samsung S5 is a bit larger than the S3 or S4, making the S5 comparable to the Galaxy Note and Sony Xperia Z1. With an ample screen, you can stay comfortably productive while you are on the go.


Like the Galaxy S4, the case of the S5 is sleek and slim. However, Samsung has decided to forgo the leather-look print, replacing the back cover with much more attractive perforated texture and design. Though the Samsung S5 case is constructed of plastic, the phone feels sturdy and solid in the hand.


– Waterproof

Likely the most notable feature of the Samsung S5 is the fact that the device is waterproof. Like the Samsung S4 Active, the S5 is submersible and water resistant.

– Processor

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is bound to give the Apple iPhone 5c a run for its money with the new 64-bit processor. Samsung has upgraded the CPU for the S5 to a 2.5 GHz quad core processor, which surely will give the iPhone 5c some stiff competition for power users’ attention.

– Screen

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is shipped with the Super Amoled screen. Color reproduction on the S5 has improved in quality beyond the S3 and S4. Movies and images appear richer and clearer on the phone. Samsung has upgraded the S5 screens from 5 inches, as with the S4, to 5.1 inches. However, the much-anticipated larger screen loses a bit in terms of resolution. The 5 inch screen provides a 441 ppi resolution. This resolution decreases to 415 ppi with the 5.1 inch screen. Though barely noticeable to the naked eye, the S5 does not hit it out of the park with the high resolution display for which many users were hoping. However, the screen, like the rest of the device, is water and dust resistant.

– Operating System and Software

The Galaxy S5 is shipped with Android KitKit, version 4.4.2. However, Samsung applies the TouchWiz interface over the base operating system to provide users with the uniquely Samsung experience. The Notification has changed considerably from the S4 to enable quick access to the Quick Connect and S Finder features. In theory, these changes help the user move faster through menu options, pages and screens.

– Connectivity

The Quick Connect feature has been improved over previous models and makes the Samsung S5 a connection hub for all of your devices. Samsung engineers have replicated the Apple AirPlay and AirDrop features on the device to give users a truly integrated media experience right from their phones.

– Cameras

The Galaxy S5 is shipped with both front-facing and back-facing cameras. The back-facing camera has 16 MP capabilities, and the front-facing camera, 2 MP. The camera can shoot 4 K at approximately 30 frames per second. Additionally, the Galaxy S5 features dual-recording with both cameras at the same time – a feature one might be hard pressed for which to find a valid use. The cameras include the HDR feature for bright, vivid captures, and the Fast Auto Focus feature to quickly focus on your subjects to snap the perfect photos at just the right time. Selective focus enables the user to zero in on a subject or detail.
New camera features make the Galaxy S5 a viable candidate for all of your image needs.

For those who need a powerful camera on their smartphones, the camera app on the Galaxy S5 includes features like video stabilization and the ability to focus an image after the image is captured. This feature is known as “selective focus.” The S5 also includes the new Samsung feature, “reflector-integrated Flash LED.” This new feature spreads the flash illumination to all subjects in a photo, not just to the center as with previous technologies. Samsung claims that the technology enables the user to capture a wider field, and the feature enables the device to take higher quality photos, in both daytime and in darker environments.

– Security

Because fingerprint-based technology seems to be the future of smartphone security, the Samsung S5 is shipped with a fingerprint scanner. Comparable to the Apple Touch ID feature, the S5 requires that you first wake the phone before applying the fingerprint to the scanner. To scan, users simply touch the screen, then scan downward to the Home button.

– Battery

Samsung states that the new Galaxy S5 battery is improved over previous models. Samsung promotional materials indicate that the phone gives users 21 hours of talk time, and a total of 390 charge hours. A new feature of the S5‘s battery functionality is the ultra low power feature. Samsung indicates that the phone will remain powered on for 24 hours in the ultra low power state – with only a 10% charge. The way this feature operates is to simply turn the screen display from color to black and white. In doing so, most apps are limited in functionality and the phone consumes much less power.

– So What’s Missing?

The FM Radio feature was not included on the Galaxy S4 because Samsung deduced that most users will stream their music over the Internet. However, many commuters and those with sporadic Internet connectivity found this feature quite useful. The FM Radio is not included on the Galaxy S5, but you can install apps that fill the void. Android apps like TuneIn Radio from Google Play offer users the FM Radio feature over the Internet, if they choose to install it. The app provides radio over wireless and 3G connections.

The HTC One entered the scene last year introducing rich sounding stereo speakers. The Galaxy S5 does not have the stereo effect of the HTC one hardware. However, the sound quality on the S5 is not diminished because of the omission. Perhaps in future models, Samsung will consider these features.

Samsung in Bangladesh

In conclusion, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is a lot of phone packed into a small, sleek unit. For smartphone power users in Bangladesh, and those who perform a considerable amount of work on their devices, the Galaxy S5 offers ample screen space, a vivid, bright display, quick navigation and a host of other features that improve productivity and increase your speed on the device. The Galaxy S5 is likely Samsung’s answer to Apples iPhone 5c, though some Apple customers may disagree. Samsung replicates many of Apple’s features, then integrates the features into the Android operating system.

The Galaxy S5 is Samsung’s newest flagship phone and, as always, will be offered in the Phone Classifieds. The price point for the phone is expected to be between $600 and $700 USD when the product is unveiled to the public in April, 2014. Functional and attractive, the Galaxy S5 may be Samsung’s best phone yet. Users and reviewers alike anxiously anticipate the arrival of Samsung’s newest flagship device.

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