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Get Ready for This Summer! Buy an AC That Suits You Best

Bangladesh has experienced a healthy economic growth and consumer purchasing behavior reflects the influence of a stronger economy. It is unstated fact that the most direct reflection of economic growth in any nation is its middle class. The average middle-class family in Bangladesh is able to afford a comfortable lifestyle. Due to the rising climactic challenges of recent times, many things that may have been considered as luxuries, have become a necessity. Whether it’s the capital city of Dhaka or even smaller cities like Sylhet & Chittagong, air conditioners have become a necessity even for the middle class.

Manufacturers have evolved their marketing & selling patterns to grab the huge demands of an increasingly powerful buying power of consumers nationwide. More and more companies are offering interest-free installment services, warranties & guarantees to push their sales. Consumers are enjoying more leverage with various different manufacturers competing for more sales.

While most of the market is filled with various different types of ACs, it is quite a task to find the right one for your home. Not every product is ideal for every home regardless of how they are advertised in stores, newspapers, TV advertisements, etc. To ensure that you are getting the most for your money, there are some factors to consider before buying an AC for your home within your set budget.

Price, Capacity, Quality & Energy Efficiency

We may not always state it, but the first & foremost consideration before a purchase is its price. Regardless of the product type an air cooler or an air conditioner, its importance or any other reasons, we must first set a budget and act accordingly. So, it is important to set an air conditioner budget to begin with and then increase or decrease the budget depending on the AC features.

The size or the capacity of the air conditioner is an extremely important factor to consider. If you do not get the right capacity of the AC considering the size of the particular room, then the results will not be favorable. Although it is an approximate measurement, too small a capacity for a larger room will use up more electricity and almost never be able to cool the room. An AC with too much capacity for a small room will make it uncomfortable cool at all times.

The following is a rough measure table for air conditioner capacity vs room size:

AC requirements

The air quality is as important a factor as any considering the rising air pollution in most places of Bangladesh, especially in its capital, Dhaka. Since, there is such a critical condition of the outdoor air quality, the air quality inside your home is very important when using an air cooler or air conditioner. This can be ensured with good air filters and air filtering technology used by the particular AC unit. Not only will the air quality be better, due to the proper filtration of dust & other particles, it will result in better cooling performance and energy consumption. Introduction of newer technologies has resulted in better air quality and energy efficient AC units.

With the wide array of brands, features and promises to select from, it is important to consider your long-term savings from energy consumption. There are many air coolers or air conditioners in the market for an unbelievably low price. But this may cost you more due to energy consumption. So, it is best to look for energy efficient air conditioner even if it means paying slightly more. With increasing electricity costs, an energy efficient AC will save you more money than you can imagine.

Installation, Maintenance & Servicing

There are mainly two types of ACs without much difference in the air conditioner price. The window AC is not as popular now due to the lack of windows! Well, even if that may not be the entirety of the fact, the dominance of split ACs with a unit outside and one inside is due to its better design, air flow and overall performance. Installation of the air conditioner should not be done by third-party electricians. Always use the installation service of an authorized service center to ensure best cooling performance.

Furthermore, you should keep your air cooler or air conditioner properly maintained, even if it means just the periodic cleaning. Just like any other machinery, they need regular maintenance for best performance and longer service. You should look to talk with the manufacturer for a good after sales service package to ensure that your investment has the best returns. In addition to after-sales services, consider warranties, guarantees & replacement features by the manufacturer.

Additional features to enhance your experience

There are additional features which will enhance your experience as a user which you should not overlook before your purchase. The climate changes happening in recent times have brought forth many changes, but the climate in Bangladesh continues to be very humid in most parts of the country. Make sure that your chosen AC has a dehumidification feature, which will allow you to reduce the humidity of the room for those excessively humid days. Also, consider the noise made by the unit to ensure a peaceful night’s sleep. A sleep mode feature will turn the unit off once it gets to cool and an auto restart feature will make sure that it restarts to maintain your set room temperature.

Air conditioners have now become a multipurpose gadget which is used for more functions than just cooling. The cooling speed, fan speed and temperature settings will allow adjustable usage for different weathers such as when you need more fan speed and not too much cooling. Cooling speed will help you to control the gradual energy consumption during different times of the day. Aesthetic design of the products will enhance your room’s look & style. It is also exciting that there more innovative features like mosquito repellant, so that you can avoid the use of harmful chemicals from sprays and coils while avoiding serious potential diseases like dengue, malaria, chikungunya, etc.

Some Tips & Tricks for best results

  • If your room is located close to your kitchen or your window lets sunlight in all day or even if the wall of your room is directly against the sun, then you should invest in a higher capacity AC for best cooling results.
  • Consider the size of your room, if it is a big room then don’t get a small AC since it will never be cool enough and if it is a small room then don’t get too big an AC because it will consume more energy and make your electric bills larger every month.
  • You should consider which brand you buy. Go for a well-known brand for better warranty, guarantee, and service rather cheaper brands.
  • Consider the energy efficiency of the AC as in Bangladesh you will need the AC for more months of the year, even during the monsoon and our non-existent winter.
  • You must decide how long you will be using your AC, if you need it for long hours then get a higher rated AC with energy efficiency. But if you need an AC for just a few hours then you can buy a lower rated AC considering you only use for an hour or two a day.

Make your investment smarter by considering the basics and even some of the advanced factors before making your AC purchase. The air conditioner price is just the first factor to consider while there are many other factors as mentioned above to make your experience better. Select the AC that is best for your requirements and weather to get the best performance.

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