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One of the most difficult things in life is choosing a career. So we have finished school, college, university, and even graduate school, yet choosing a career path remains to be a confusion often resulting in deep anxiety. By now, most of us are annoyed by the clichés of “follow your passion” & “do what you love”. It’s one thing to like something and another to consider doing for the rest of your life. Well, unfortunately, these feelings are a part of our life experience and cannot be “solved” like a math problem. But if you are looking for a job that may be right for you, this article will surely help!

Are you looking for a job in a particular sector? Bikroy Jobs is one of the leading job search portals in Bangladesh. The greatest resource for job seekers is access to various career choices and job opportunities every day. The portal is not just hundreds of new job listings but a complete platform where you can get significant insights into the various job opportunities available.

How to find jobs that are most suitable for you?

Visit the Bikroy Jobs page to search for the particular job which is best matched to your requirements. There are various filters available on the left side which will help you to narrow your search to those that are of interest to you. The many filters include sorting by the time of listing, type of organization, level of post, location, industry, type of job, department categories and more. You can use as many of the available filters as needed to find your desired shortlisted job opportunities.

Select your desired Location

Due to the developing stage of Bangladesh when compared to more developed nations, most jobs are only available in the capital city of Dhaka. However, as the country is moving forward to offer various opportunities to its citizens, more and more career options are being made available nationwide. If you are currently residing at a location where your desired job opportunities are not available, then you can use this filter to select another location. 

bikroy job location filter

Select your desired Job Type

There are various types of job seekers ranging from those who are looking for an internship to complete their course to those who need a full-time job to support a family, or even those that need a part-time job while they pursue higher education. This filter will allow you to narrow your search according to your requirements.

bikroy job type filter

Select your desired Industry

It is often the case that, our academic background has shaped us to consider a particular career path. This is not a problem so long as we are able to find a job in that field without too much struggle. Also, there are jobs for which there are a lot of availabilities but less demand by job seekers to pursue them. In any case, it is most helpful to use this filter to narrow your search results to your desired job industry.

bikroy jobs industry filter

Select your desired Job Department

While the categorical search for a particular job type mostly brings your desired results, in some cases the particular job role may not be what you had intended. For example, you may have found a government organization in Dhaka, seeking part-time employees in the IT industry however; the particular job function is that of Logistics. But what you require is a job role in the Customer Service department. This filter will assist you doing just that, selecting based on the job function of your interest.

bikroy jobs business functions filter

The Perfect Job Posting

The aforementioned filters will be most helpful in finding the best job for you. It is to be understood that finding an appropriate job posting is just the beginning. In order to find a good job, you must also spend a good amount of time developing your personal skills as well as conducting thorough background check on the organization. Visit the official website of the organization to learn more about them and always keep up with all the latest news and events of your desired industry.

Furthermore, when you find a suitable job post, you have the option to instantly apply for the position, or save the post to come back to it later, or even share it with friends & family.

bikroy job sample


It is a struggle and a time-consuming task to find the perfect job. Find the perfect career that will make it seem as if your life is set. This is easier said than done, but it requires our commitment, focus and effort. Luckily, Bikroy Jobs has an interactive job seeker portal which will somewhat ease your struggle. It is important to remember that, in the pursuit of the perfect job, perfect career, and perfect life, we do not lose our balance in life. There is no perfect job, except what you love to do and do well is perfection. Keep it simple and do not stress out, pursue happiness and fulfillment not a job post or a salary range.

Visit Bikroy Jobs now and start your hunt for job opportunities that interest you and make you happy. Get help in finding the job that is most suitable for you. Best of luck!

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