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How to Buy a Second Hand Motorcycle: 11 Motorcycle Buying Checklist

Purchasing a second hand motorcycle could seem a daunting prospect, especially if you are doing this for the first time. What do I look for? What do I need to ask? How do I make sure I buy something worthy? There could be hundreds of questions roaming around your head before stepping into buying.

At Bikroy, we deal with thousands of motorcycle sellers every day, and this strong lead in the motorbike market in Bangladesh makes us more knowledgeable when it comes to choosing a great deal on a second hand motorcycle. 

The following article will give you a vibe of the basic things someone should look for when about to buy a used bike and the current second hand motorcycle price in Bangladesh. Let’s dig more. 

11 Things to check before buying a used motorcycle

While buying a new motorcycle, it can be a bit ease because of the condition of the bike, but during consideration for a used motorcycle- here are the aspects to look: 

1. Overall Appearance

A clean bike always attracts users. It’s vital that the seller picks a transparent conversation with you from the very beginning, describing all the details of the motorcycle. Take a deep look at the bike. It’s easy to tell which bike has been “quick cleaned” for a sale and which one has been in a garage with good health maintained by a true bike lover. 

Check all the tight spots. Where dirt can get easily- should be clean if you are buying a motorbike from a bike enthusiast. Don’t be so excited to override these important things closely. 

2. Exhaust

You can start with the exhaust first. Who doesn’t want to turn on the bike and hear the roar! Warm engines turn over easier, so you can ask your seller not to turn on the bike before you reach the spot. Because you need to make sure that the exhaust node is solidly mounted. 

The exhaust system gets a lot of vibration from the bike engine which can be the reason to fail the pipe or mountain in the bike.  

3. Frame

After hearing the exhaust node, you can come over to check the frame. Look closely for dents, cracks, and scrapes. If you feel the bike has faced some kind of major accident then you can ask the seller to tell you every detail. In some cases,when you are buying a second hand motorcycle, it could be a common hick-up you can face. 

4. Clutch

A little slack in the clutch is fixable. Squeeze the clutch and feel it, is it smooth enough? Remove it slowly. It also should release smoothly. You shouldn’t feel any hiccups while doing this. Then you can have a seat over the rider position and turn the bike on. The motorcycle should roll smoothly with a bit of resistance when it’s in first gear. 

5. Braking System

After checking the clutch, take it out of gear and drive it forward. Then pull the front brakes gently. The brake levers should work smoothly and the bike should slow to a stop without providing any noise. Then release the lever, it should return smoothly, and the bike should roll ahead with no dragging. 

If you are feeling the system is not functioning properly, then ask the seller to fix it as you want it to be. Whenever you are about to buy a used motorcycle, the braking system can be a primary concern you need to take a closer look. 

Know the current braking system of the bike you are looking for

6. Suspension

To test the suspension, you can try it out by pulling your breaks. The forks should return to the position very smoothly and without any noise, importantly. Now, give a look at the fork seals, are they clean, shiny, and smooth?

Bounce up and down on the bike seat, the rear shocks(s) should offer some resistance and return to a regular position without springing up and down. 

7. Tires

Smooth bike tire layers are expected. If there is severe wear on the center tire that indicates the bike has a log run with the existing tires. This is not only an unhealthy practice to ride the bike but also can cause unwanted problems to the engine. Skidding and hard braking could also cause flat spots on the tire. 

Inspect the wheels for dents. Place the bike in a center stand, roll the wheels one after another and watch them from both sides to identify any bends. 

8. Fuel tank

Open the fuel cap and have a look inside. Try to understand the color of the fuel and make sure you can see the bare metal interior of the tank. You can bear a torchlight to have a clear vision. If it seems dark then the fuel might need to be replaced. However, if you are planning to buy that motorcycle, you need to flush the system and change the whole filter. 

9. Cold Start

Let’s hear the bike run. Each bike has its own cold start strategy and you will eventually get to know yours. Put your fuel choke on the “reserve” position. Now ask the seller how much throttle he normally gives when starting the bike. If the bike has an electric starter then use it and release the throttle to the normal position. 

When the bike is warming up, notice if the engine is running smoothly. Now, look at the back, if the bike is releasing too much smoke, then there is a mismatch of fuel in the tank. Dark smoke and deep fuel smell could be an adjustable problem. 

10. Know details and take an expert  

Takedown every detail of the motorbike you are buying. If you have made the whole arrangement through a marketplace and asked to visit a place to make the deal then be aware of where you are and who is around the deal. If you feel something abnormal or you are in a fraud situation, immediately call the police and ask for help. 

Don’t go to buy a 2nd hand bike alone if you can’t avoid it. Take a friend instead who is a biker and can be the voice of reason. They can even help you to resettle the price you make your mind to buy. 

11. Registration papers

Finally check the motorbike’s registration and license paper and match them with the given ones in the advertisement said used motorcycle for sale. Make sure all the numbers are visible and the papers are legal.

If the bike doesn’t have a current registration or if it registered into another state then make sure to have a new registration if you are sticking with your decision. 

In Conclusion 

After purchasing your motorcycle, have your bike inspected by an expert bike mechanic. Safety should be your primary concern in every way. You should always look for proper motorcycle safety gears before making it to the road. 

We hope that this write-up will help you to research more and make the right decision while picking the right second hand motorcycle. 

Enjoy Your Ride! 

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