Things to Consider Before Buying Your First Motorcycle

To ride or not to ride… it’s difficult not to fall in love with the wind hitting your face as you ride along on a bike. When driving through scenic roads on a perfect weather effortlessly gliding through traffic is just one of the many dream rides as a biker. Bikes are the simplest form of transportation for a single person, just the two wheels, a motor and the freedom of riding through traffic.

Growing up you may have ridden on many bikes or even now with ride sharing as one of the finest trends of the year. But if and when, you make the all-important decision of buying a motorcycle, there are some very important things to consider. There are things you must be well-informed about and things you should consider & re-consider before buying a new model bike. The easy thing about decision-making is that it may take time, but after gathering all the necessary information, the right decision is very easy to make. Also check out Top 5 Motorcycle Brands in Bangladesh.

So, here are some of the most important facts to consider before buying a motorcycle:

Let’s talk about the Budget

The Real Cost as an Owner

Most of us take into consideration how much money we have saved up and maybe how much we can gather from friends & family to buy our dream on wheels. Depending on this, we set a budget and start our hunt. But the fact is there are other costs associated, which we overlook, such as the cost of fuel, fuel efficiency, registration, insurance, equipment, maintenance, etc. The real cost of owning a motorcycle is much more than the retail price of a new model motorcycle or a used motorcycle at a bargain price.

The Bike

Firstly, the cost of the motorcycle itself is the priority. There is a wide variety of motorcycles available in the market at any given time. Considering the main purpose of buying a bike, you can find a bike from as little as 1 Lakh BDT ranging up to a nonexistent ceiling for price. However on average, you can find a good new bike for around 2 to 3 Lakhs BDT.

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Legal Costs

There are some crucial legal costs to consider before setting out to find your desired motorcycle. Registration is a one-time cost which is of a substantial amount. Then, there are additional recurring costs such as insurance.

Servicing Costs

This is an area which is of utmost importance yet most of us fail to consider the expenses of equipment and maintenance. Little things such as servicing of the tire, spark plug, belt, engine oil, filters, etc. can accumulate to a substantial amount over a few months or annually. While the longevity of these little parts may vary, each visit to a service center also has its costs. If you skip periodic servicing, then often it results in an even bigger loss in the long run. Due to the condition of our roads, in cities and its outskirts, some specific parts such as the brake shoes, engine oil, tires, etc. tend to be harmed easily and need frequent servicing.

Bike Gear

If you consider yourself just the minimalistic rider, you will need one essential gear, the helmet and most definitely, shoes. Regardless of its cost, we should never overlook this safety gear and we should in reality strive to ride with additional safety gear. To save yourself from the harshest of weather such as the heat, sun, rain, dirt, wind, etc. you should definitely consider a motorbike jacket. Also, it is very important to consider your riding time and wear shock proof gloves to protect your hands, palms, fingers and arms from exhaustion. If you are planning on riding to locations with underdeveloped roads, then you should also consider wearing elbow and knee guards. You can never be too safe on the road!

Now for getting a Bike

select bike

When it comes to selecting a bike, it is important that you are not as clueless as headless chickens! Well that, in fact, is true for any decision. But when you go to get a bike, the salesmen will be your main source of information however, it is important that educate yourself to some extent as well. Recognizing the main purpose the bike will serve in your life such as for daily commute, long rides, joy rides, or vacationing. It is also important to be aware of some technical information such as the engine power, size of the bike, weight of the bike, etc. Also read out our another guide: Buying a Motorbike | Buyers Tips and Safety Advice.

New or Used Motorcycle

It is essential to make the decision outright about whether you want a new model bike or a used bike. You must consider not just your budget, but also the significant pros and cons of used & new bikes. It is necessary to understand that there is no “ideally right” decision. Let’s look at the simplest of definition of both. New model bikes have the luxury of providing comfort, reliability and warranty for which you pay substantially more than used bikes. Used bikes are a good option for new riders as well as for frequent riders. It gives riders the luxury of paying substantially less for an operational model which serves their daily life purposes without being too cautious about damages.

Size of Motorcycle

One of the most important questions you will need to face is the size of the bike. Which size is most suitable for you? Your physical structure and size is just as important since you have to consider things like reaching the bike handle with your arms and the ground with your arms. It is crucial to work out that you can reach all controls without too much strain on your body. Ultimately, this level of comfort will ensure that you can ride with freedom in any weather or road condition.

Weight of Motorcycle

Similar to the size of the bike, it is also very important to consider the weight of the bike for proper control. You must select a bike which is suitable to your body weight for smooth controlling such as turning which is highly reliant on shifting body weight. Remember that the bike weigh should not pose a challenger rather be enjoyable for you.

Engine Power

The power of the bike is what is most intriguing and you need to be careful about managing it. While there is a government restriction for a maximum of 200cc in Bangladesh, there are still plenty of options from as little as 80cc motorcycles. It is important to note that, if you are a beginner, you should consider a manageable power engine so that you can polish your riding skills by easily shifting gears, braking, cutting corners, etc.


We have thoroughly discussed the many crucial things to consider before buying a motorcycle. It is essential that safety is of utmost importance and you abide by the traffic rules & regulations no matter where you ride. Do not go overboard and always consider the safety & security of those around you. Even though we may have only covered the very basics of preparations for buying your first motorcycle, these basics will serve the greater purpose of raising awareness. It is important to remember that as you develop your riding skills, you can always upgrade to better bike or one with premium performance.

The internet is a hub of information and the best buyer is one who is informed of the topic thoroughly. There are many websites which hold listings for new & used bikes in Dhaka and even all over Bangladesh. As one of the industry leaders, is one of the best. Visit now to search for your desired bike but always make sure that the bike is legally clean with paperwork and even the condition of the motorcycle. It is always a good idea to take a friend or family member with you, who has good knowledge when going to check out motorcycles. Ride safe & enjoy!

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