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Car Market in Bangladesh Based on 2018 Statistics । Infographic

Bikroy shared an infographic on the “Car Market in Bangladesh” based on the numbers & statistics of the actual buying & selling of vehicles during the 2018 fiscal year. Not only is the data reliable due to it being the user data on the Bikroy platform for 2018, but it is also effective as it breaks down the numbers to recognize the expected trends for the vehicle market for 2019 in Bangladesh.

The infographic covers the following five important factors regarding the Bangladeshi car market:

  1. Percentage of Car Ads in Different Divisions
  2. Availability of Cars Sorted by Price Range
  3. 5 Most Popular Car Brands
  4. Top 5 Most Searched Car Brands
  5. New vs Used vs Reconditioned Cars

Bikroy has evolved to be one of the most sought after platforms for buying & selling of vehicles, properties, mobile phones in addition to jobs, among all other aspects of a complete online marketplace. It is highly regarded as one of the primary sources of property & vehicle price appraisals. It has reached this position due to the importance it places on understanding its users and providing solutions for essential decisions in their daily life activities.

Percentage of Car Ads Based on Location

Car Ads on Bikroy in Different Divisions

Bikroy is known to be a reliable name across all the different divisions of Bangladesh for its online marketplace platform. However, when it comes to car ads on Bikroy, the lion’s share of the ads are from within the capital city of Dhaka. An incredibly dominant 77% of all car ads on Bikroy is from Dhaka. Almost one-fifth of the share is from the division of Chattogram at 18%. The remaining divisions and all other parts of the country make up 5% of the cars ads.  

Given that the highest percentage of cars are running in the capital city Dhaka, the most ads are naturally also in Dhaka. But the rising fuel costs and living cost is a concern, so consider some of these ways to reduce fuel costs while driving in Bangladesh.

Availability of Cars Sorted by Price Range

Cars Sorted by Price Range

According to the vehicle advertisement data from 2018, cars that range between prices of 10 lakhs to 20 lakhs BDT have the dominant share of the ad space on Bikroy. An incredible 36% of cars for sale in are in the range of 10 to 20 lakhs BDT. The next biggest ad share is for slight higher priced cars ranging between 20-30 lakhs BDT, which have 25% share of the ad market.

Economically priced cars between 1 to 10 lakhs BDT also have a significant share of the ad market which stands at one-fifth of the total at 20%. Vehicles below the 1 lakh BDT range take up less than 5% of the market share. While higher priced cars of more than 30 lakhs BDT take up 14% of the ad market share.

5 Most Popular Car Brands

5 Most Popular Car Brands

We know that the capital city of Dhaka has the largest share of car ads at 77% and the majority of the share – 51% – of car ads fall in the price range of 10 to 30 lakhs. But what are the most popular car brands?  So, according to the Bikroy ads data in 2018, the following are the five most popular car brands of Bangladesh:

  1. Toyota 80%
  2. Honda 7%
  3. Nissan 6%
  4. Mitsubishi less than 5%
  5. Hyundai less than 5%

While Toyota is undoubtedly the most popular name, these other brands make up the list of car brands by popularity. The amazing 80% popularity of Toyota is shared between some of its most reliable models in Bangladesh.

Top toyota models in Bikroy

The premium model of Premio is at 14%, followed by the standard models of Axio – 11%, Allion – 10% and Corolla – 10%. Toyota Noah is at 8% followed by all other models for the remaining 47% of Toyota cars.

From our another article find out more about the “Top Five Most Selling Cars in Bangladesh.

Top 5 Most Searched Car Brands

Top 5 Most Searched Car Brands

It is interesting to note that according to user behavioral data on the Bikroy search engine, there are 5 brands of cars which are most searched. The first brand, topping the list is Toyota, followed by Honda and Nissan. However, the next two most searched car brands are different to the most popular list as they are Suzuki and BMW.

If you are thinking of choosing the best family car in Bangladesh, you will find it in

New VS Used VS Reconditioned Cars

New VS Used VS Reconditioned Cars

Another useful information derived from the 2018 vehicle buy & sell data on the Bikroy platform is the conditions of the cars in the market. Almost half of all the cars in the market are used at 45%, making it a very healthy second hand car market. While only 5% of the cars in the market are brand new, 50% of the cars reconditioned – which is most commonly treated as new cars in the local market of Bangladesh.

If you are looking to buy used or second hand car in Bangladesh, then check here to consider some of these factors before you make the decision to buy.


Since its launch in 2012, has become increasingly more essential to not only the everyday users and consumers in Bangladesh, but also to small and large businesses. Its online marketplace platform has evolved to a complete online offering for consumers with advertisements for cars and vehicles, property, electronics, home appliances and personal items, sport and hobby items, and even for jobs, amongst many other consumer and business services.

If you are considering to buy a car in 2019, then this analysis of the Bangladesh Car market of 2018 will help you to make a good decision. 

Have a Look on the Full Infographic here:

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Cars for Sale in SylhetCars for Sale in Chattogram Division
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