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The History and Popularity of Persian Cats

Of all the kinds of cat in Bangladesh, none is so common and well loved as the Persian. This cat comes in a great variety of colors and fur patterns and has a long and noble history. Owning a Persian cat not only provides many benefits in itself for Bangladeshis, but it also carries on a long-standing tradition. All seven of our districts and both our country and city living areas are well populated with this species of cat, and it is found to be the most common cat sold online and through other means in our land. Also know How to Keep Pet Cats Healthy in Bangladesh?

The Persian Cat’s Place in History

While it is uncertain what is the ultimate origin of Persian cats, there is no doubt that their immediate origin is from Iran (Persia). Similar breeds already existed in Turkey, but long-haired cats were at one time relatively uncommon. From Persia, these cats not only made their way to Bangladesh but to Afghanistan, Europe, America, and many other nations.

In the early 1600s, Persians were brought to Italy by explorers, and by the 1800s they had spread through all Western Europe and the United States of America. In Britain and France, they have declined in popularity in the last two decades, but in America they are still the most popular feline among cat breeders. American, European, and Bangladeshi Persian cats will all have their particular unique features.

Many Persians have been over-bred to create flat faces and other desired “fancy cat” features, but most Bangladeshi Persian cats seem to be of the original traditional line which avoids many health problems that occur in highly bred show cats. In the Middle East, another name for Persian cats is Shiraz or Shirazi, perhaps not an unfamiliar title to many Bangladeshi cat owners as well.

The Reasons for Persian Cats’ Great Popularity

These cats are long haired and round-faced, sturdily built, short-eared, often have round curves at the ends of their ears, and have a peaceful nature that makes them easy to live with. Persians usually pick out one or two people or other animals to bond with but do not constantly pester the whole family. They are safe to have around children and live for an average of 12 1/2 years. These facts have made Persians a favorite choice of pet owners, whether they be of the fancy bred or traditional doll faced variety.

Persian cats allow much creative breeding because they come in so many coat colors.
Some common types of Persian cats include: smokey ash grey, silver, gold, solid, tabby, two-color, Himalayan, and more. White, black, orange, brown colored Persians exist as do tiger patterned. There is much variety among this species, which adds to the attraction many have toward owning a Persian cat.

Purchasing, Selling, or Owning a Persian Cat

One of the best ways to sell or buy a Persian cat is through the internet. This gives immediate access to millions upon millions of Bangladeshi customers and vendors. When buying a cat online, be sure to compare prices, age of cat, training level of cat, and to look for a healthy animal. There are so many different looks that Persians have that the buyer can search for a color and pattern that exactly suits their eye. If selling a Persian online, make sure to post a good picture that shows the whole body of the cat and yet is close up enough for easy viewing. Mark your post with a short but accurate title that describes the cat and distinguishes it from other similar cats. For example, do not simply write “Persian Cat For Sale,” but write “Pure Bred Ash Grey Trained Persian.” When customers click on your link they should then be able to read a full paragraph or two that gives other important details such as how to contact you for a sale. To know more have a look on Cat Care Tips for Buyers and Sellers in Bangladesh.

Owning a Persian cat involves caring for the cat by grooming it regularly. This prevents hair balls and matting of fur. Bathing the cat is also helpful. The work required can be reduced by cutting the hair off of the cat. Another action needed is the washing of the cat’s eyes to clean out built up dust particles. A Persian can be a pleasant pet to have around the home and can also help keep down mice populations. If you wish to breed your cat, you can go online and find a willing person who will allow cross-breeding, sometimes for a price. If you wish to raise your Persian cat from infancy, you can find cute kittens for sale online that the children will love. Even great deals on cat food, cat toys, grooming equipment, and other accessories can be found on internet markets.


For centuries, Persian cats have occupied an important place in the lives and hearts of cat owners throughout the world. The mild manners and beautiful colors and design patterns that these felines are known for has made them a favorite choice for a house cat. They have been shipped to many parts of the world where they have developed into diverse local varieties, and they have been cross-bred with other cat species, such as Burmese and Turkish, to produce new types of cat. They have won world wide fame in cat shows and the appreciation of pet owners across the globe.

It is easy for Bangladeshis to find and purchase a Persian cat of superior quality and at a cheap rate if they search the classified listings online. It is also simple to post adds to sell these cats, and there is usually no problem in finding a buyer. Cat care is somewhat more demanding with Persians, but cutting the hair reduces the work needed, and these cats are well loved enough that most will be willing to give them a little extra attention. Persians are the biggest selling kind of cat in all Bangladesh, and it is no accident that this is so.

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