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Buy Best Pet Accessories for Cats in Bangladesh

Cats can be pretty demanding pets, with many requirements to be truly happy. For a first-time pet owner in particular, these can be somewhat overwhelming. Fortunately, many fine Bangladeshi retailers stock all the accessories you will need to get started with your new cats or kittens. This article will serve as a basic guide to which pet accessories you will want and need, for all types of feline companions. All of these products can be found at reasonable prices at, which is also an excellent source for pets for sale. Also know How to Keep Pet Cats Healthy in Bangladesh?

1. Food

The most important part of keeping a cat is, of course, ensuring a steady supply of food. While it can be tempting to just feed your cat leftover or unwanted food, this can cause digestive problems in the long run. It is much better to buy food, especially for your animal. When it comes to food, you will have two choices: dry or canned. Both have unique benefits and detriments.

A. Dry Food

Dry cat food is what most people feed their cats with: it is fairly inexpensive, and most cats will enjoy its flavor. It’s also low maintenance, as you can just put it out in the morning and your cat will eat it periodically throughout the day. However, most cats do not enjoy dry food nearly as much as the canned alternatively. It also lacks certain critical vitamins and minerals, which can be usually be supplemented through infrequent feeding of canned food.

B. Canned Food

Your other option for feeding your cat is canned food (or food pouches, both are essentially identical). Cats love canned food, and will eagerly devour it whenever you present it to them. Because it is more meaty and organic, those who wish to train their cats to hunt pests often use the canned food as reinforcement. Unfortunately, canned food costs significantly more than dry food. You also have to be responsible in when you feed it to your cat, as cats are gluttonous animals that will eat as much canned food as you put in front of them. Thus, it is best to manually feed your cat several times a day if you plan on using canned food.

2. Flea Removal

Another important accessory is the flea collar: often included with cats for sale, flea and tick collars kill these troublesome pests. They do this through chemicals which do not affect cats or kittens negatively. Flea collars are available in all shapes and sizes for cats and kittens of any ages. They typically come in packages with several collars and are very easy apply and remove. Just remember to change the flea collar periodically, especially if your cat begins to outgrow it. Leaving flea collars on for too long is a common cause for injuries or even lasting deformities in cats. Check out Cat Care Tips for Buyers and Sellers in Bangladesh.

3. Litter Solutions

Litter is inarguably the most unpleasant part of owning a cat. Fortunately, there are litter solutions for cats and kittens for sale at all prices, from designer litter boxes manufactured to blend in with other furniture to affordable solutions. One easy way to save money on litter boxes is to use an actual cardboard box or other disposable containers of some form and fill it with purchased cat litter; after a day or so, you can throw out the whole thing. Some people also teach their cats to defecate outside–this can be difficult, and will require some serious training skills, but can be very rewarding!

4. Toys

Finally, we get to something fun! There are very many toys for cats for sale on and other online retailers, but they can be grouped in a couple of categories. Pretty much every cat owner will want to purchase a scratcher for their cat to hone their claws on-otherwise they’ll tear up your furniture! These usually take the form of large posts or other such pieces of feline architecture, which can be placed inside or outside your home for the cats to climb on. Posts will require cleaning, but only infrequently.

Other toys are as varied as you can imagine. Tunnels, plush mice, and plastic balls are just some of the cat toys you might encounter. In general, it’s fine to go for the cheaper toys: cats, much like dogs, tend to damage their playthings quite frequently. Expect to buy or make frequent replacements. One special mention goes to catnip–this herb can be placed in small quantities in any cat toy for hours of enjoyment. Cats will paw at it, lick it, and eventually consume it, only to become mildly intoxicated. Under the effects of catnip, cats will act drowsy and quite silly, an experience which they greatly enjoy. Note, however, that some cats are immune to the effects of catnip, and will not react to it.

5. Deterrents

Finally, it may become necessary to warn your cats away from certain areas of your house or outside. Whether for their own protection or simply to stop them from urinating on or scratching up your furniture, these items can be critical for your sanity. While you can spend large amounts of money on electronic repellents on electronic repellant systems, finding them as effective as advertised, there are also less expensive solutions. These usually take the form of sprays meant to be applied to furniture or areas you wish to dissuade your cat from touching. Before purchasing one, always double check to make sure that the ingredients will not hurt your feline friend… or leave stains on your things!

One other option is tape-some retailers sell specialized scratch prevention tape to be applied to valued furniture. This will prevent your cat from climbing on them, while not being overly conspicuous to house guests. The only concern is that you will need quite a lot of these to cat-proof even a small house.

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