Interviews Dos and Don’ts for Job Seekers in Bangladesh

The biggest step to finding employment is to receive an invitation for an interview. You’ve attracted the attention of an employer who wants to learn more about you. This is the most nerve-wracking part of finding a job. These tips should help to make sure you walk into the interview process with confidence and impress the interviewer with your experience and personal interaction.


Find the Location Prior to the Appointment

You’ll want to practice a dry run at the same time as your appointment. If the interview is at 10 a. m. on Wednesday, drive or take public transportation to the location at 10 a. m. on Tuesday. You’ll see how long it will take to get there, and you’ll know exactly where you have to be on the day of the appointment. There’s nothing worse than being late for an interview. It’s a black mark against you, and the employer won’t hire you.

Practice Interviewing

Have a trusted friend throw interview questions at you. During the interview, you’ll want to have a smooth delivery and be able to answer all questions thoughtfully. The person doing the practice interview should be able to tell you where you’re going wrong. Are you hesitating too long when answering? Did you make a mistake? These are the questions the practice interviewer should be answering.

Research the Company

Whether you’re searching for jobs in Bangladesh or jobs in Dhaka, you’ve sent out dozens of CVs and inquiries. You might not know a lot about the company other than they had a position open that you want to fill. Before the interview, you’ll need to research the company. Never go to an interview without a clear idea of what the company does.

Dress Appropriately

The office might be casual or it could be the height of summer, you have to dress appropriately for the interview. That means men should wear a business suit as well as a tie. Women should be dressed in office appropriate attire too. That could be black pants and a beautiful blouse or slacks and a blazer. Never wear shorts, a ratty t-shirt or jeans to an interview.

Arrive Early and Prepared

Always arrive at interviews early. If you show up 10 to 15 minutes early, you show an eagerness and a dedication that employers are looking for in an employee. They will take note of it. Bring more than one resume with you for the employer. There might be more than one person or the interviewer might need another copy. Don’t bring anyone else with you to the interview. If you have to bring someone, have them wait outside.

Have Good Body Language

When meeting the interviewer, shake their hand firmly and make good eye contact. You want to be confident but not aggressive during the interview. Maintain eye contact but don’t stare for long periods of time. After introductions, ask before being seated. Sit straight and tall in your seat without fidgeting.


Bad Mouth Former Employers

If you were fired or had to leave because of a co-worker, find a nice way to phrase the reason that you left the previous job. When filling vacancies, employers want to find someone who will fit in with the other employees, not a troublemaker. Bad mouthing a former employer makes you seem like a troublemaker, or it makes you sound bitter and petty. These aren’t impressions you want to make on a new employer.

Blurt Any Answer That Comes to Mind

This is where the pretend interview will help. If you’ve practiced your answers, they should flow smoothly. If you don’t know the answer to a question, pause to think. Don’t blurt out any answer, and don’t stutter out humming noises while you think. Calmly take a few seconds to think of how you want to respond then smile confidently as you do.

Ask About Payrate or other Perks

Whether it’s office jobs or another line of work, employers want to see someone enthusiastic about the work, not just the amount of money they get paid. While you might be job hunting in Bangladesh for the cash, you want a job that is fulfilling and challenging. Employers want to feel like you’re part of the team, not for the paycheck or vacation time.

Answer Your Cell Phone

This might be the worst mistake to make during an interview. The phone should be turned off before you enter the building. A ringing phone in the interview process is distracting and shows that you don’t think ahead. It’s even worse if you answer it. Whoever is on the phone can wait until you’re done with your interview. It’s important to show respect for the interviewer’s time.

Lie or Invent Answers

It can be tough to answer all the interviewer’s questions, but don’t invent answers or lie about past qualifications. If a question is difficult, turn it into an asset. The interviewer might ask about experience doing a certain task. Don’t pretend you’ve done it, but if you’ve done something similar or solved a problem that was partially related, point to that as a positive answer. This is why you should interview with a critical friend before the interview process.

Don’t Act Desperate

It might be tough out there in the job market, but you don’t want to appear desperate for any job that crosses your path. The employer wants to feel special. You must not be bitter about your dozens of interviews or hundreds of CVs sent to prospects. Conduct yourself as if this is your firm choice of employment but not like it’s your last ditch attempt to get any job.

The most important part of the interview process is the impression you make on the employer when meeting them in person. On paper, you might have all the experience in the world, but the employer has to feel like you’re a good fit personally.

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