What do we know about the upcoming iPhone 6 release?

The Apple iPhone is one of the most popular handsets ever sold. Therefore, it should come as no surprise as millions of people around the world eagerly anticipate the release of the newest model each fall. This year, tech fans and smartphone users around the world can get ready for the release of the iPhone 6, as it will be the newest addition to the line of Apple phones. Here is a preview of what we know about the upcoming iPhone and what to expect with the sixth addition to this line.

Screen Size
The biggest draw to the newest iPhone is that it’s expected to have a dramatically increased screen size over previous versions. Much of the talk about the larger screen size has come due to other companies that offer larger phones, which may even be consider phablets – or a mix between a tablet and a phone. The iPhone 5 offered a larger screen size than it’s predecessors, but this years model is supposed to increase even more and offer customers two different options. The first will be a 4.7-inch screen, while the other will be a 5.5 inches. When it comes to everything that people rely on their smartphones for, ranging from playing games to keeping updated with stock information, it’s no surprise that Apple has increased the screen size. And with this being one of the biggest features that fans have waited for, it’s a new addition that will surely please customers.

Operating System
The second biggest addition to the new iPhone will be iOS8. iOS7 was released and it revamped the way that the Apple mobile operating system looked on users phones. However, iOS8 expects to do it again, with added features that will personalize your iPhone even further. Some of the advancements that are expected with iOS8 include sharper graphics for icons, better Siri recognition, better email integration and much more. What might be best of all is that, if like other updates before it, iOS8 will be easy to transition to from previous users of iOS7 and earlier versions.

Physical Design Changes
The size of the sixth iPhone is not the only change that will be made physically. In addition, users can expect to see a new sapphire glass construction that aims to make for a more durable device. Plenty of users out there can probably attest to the frustration of having a glossy glass that gets smudged or even scratches easily, but the sapphire glass aims to change that by offering a better-constructed device.

Another change to the physical design could be the addition of a thinner bezel and more rounded edges. The last two versions of the iPhone have gone with straighter edges for users, but the 6 may return to a more rounded shape that was seen in the iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

If people aren’t interested in the screen size of the new iPhone, they’ll certainly want to ensure that the battery life is going to get better. Despite being some of the most effective and powerful devices on the market, the iPhone line of devices has always gotten slack for not having great battery life. This means that you are lucky if you get through an entire day without having to recharge your device, which will limit how much you can use it on the go. Luckily, the newest iPhone battery life is expected to be much better than in the past. With a smaller and better battery life, users will be able to use their phone for longer periods of time, without having to take any downtime to recharge it.

Processing Power
In order to make the battery life better, Apple also aims to improve the processing power to make it more efficient from users. The expectation is that the newest iPhone will use an A8 processor, which could be up to twice as fast as previous models. But not only will users get the chance to use the best iPhone apps, but they’ll be able to do so with longer lasting battery and quicker speeds.

Another benefit of the new Apple iPhone is the expected changes that will be made to the camera. As the way things stand now, there are a variety of things that Apple could do with the newest phone. The previous iPhone camera offered an 8-megapixel camera, which was one of the best in the market when it was released. However, other phones now offer even higher cameras, which makes some wonder how far Apple will go as well. As of right now, customers are expecting anywhere between a 10 and 13-megapixel camera to be included in the newest release of the iPhone later this year.

Release Date
Finally, the question that everyone has been waiting for: when will the new iPhone be released? Typically, Apple releases their iPhone models in the fall. This year, Apple announced at its WWDC that iOS8 would be released in the fall, which lines up quite well with the potential release of a new handset as well. In addition, a manufacturing company for Apple has kicked things into high gear, which means we are likely getting closer and closer to the release. The expected timetable for a release of the newest iPhone is expected to be either in September or October, which would be later than previous devices. However, with fans eagerly waiting for its release, it’ll certainly be worth the wait.

Those who are looking for iPhones for sale may want to wait just a little bit longer if they are holding out for the latest and greatest addition to the line. However, buying another iPhone now would also save you a bit of money, as the prices of older devices have dropped to prepare for the release of the latest model from Apple.

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