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Microwave Oven Cooking Safety

Microwaves are one of the most convenient appliances that you can own. After a stressful day at work, a busy morning, or dozens of errands to run, all you need to do is to reheat leftovers or to warm yourself a frozen meal. It really is that simple. But, that does not mean that problems can’t happen. While microwaves are very easy and great to use, they can also be what causes some major damage to you, your kitchen, and family. Below are some great tips for using microwave ovens in a safe and disaster-free manner.

Never Put Metal in Your Microwave Oven

The most dangerous thing that you can do is to put metal in your microwave. This includes things like tin foil, forks, spoons, and dishes that have gold or silver decorations. Putting metal in your microwave can case the microwave oven to burn and cause a fire. So if you do not want your kitchen or home appliances to become destroyed, keep metal out of the microwave.

No Overheating Food

The beauty of the microwave is that it heats food quickly. This means that food does not need to be left in the microwave for long periods of time. When looking at microwaves for sale, you’ll notice that most of the instructions for the appliance feature guidelines about how long to cook certain food items. Those directions usually point to quick cook times. If you do put your food in too long, you can cause a fire, the food will burn, and the microwave oven will become damaged.

Do Not Heat Sealed Food Items

Most freezer food comes with instructions that indicate to remove the plastic before heating. When using your microwave oven to heat the food, follow this instruction. If you do heat food that is covered or sealed tightly in a plastic container, chances are that the container will explode and you can suffer from an injury or your microwave can become damaged and very dirty. So, next time you microwaved a sealed product, remove the seal and then use the microwave oven.

Do Not Use a Broken Microwave

Another key tip is to never, ever use a broken or damaged microwave. When you are looking at microwaves for sale, make sure that you choose one that is in top condition and has no issues. Using a microwave that is broken or damaged can lead to a fire, radiation, and injury to you and your kitchen. When choosing a microwave oven, make sure that the door fully closes, that the plate inside spins properly, and that all of the buttons work. Like all home appliances, microwaves also should be repaired if there is a problem.

Paper Towels Should Never Be in the Microwaves

Paper towels are meant to be used as a tool to clean up messes. Putting them in your microwave, even to heat them up, can lead to a disaster. When you put a paper towel in your microwave oven, the object can easily catch on fire and burn, leaving you in danger and your kitchen missing a microwave and anything else that burns down with it. So the next time you consider putting a paper towel in your microwave, do not do it.

Heat is Your Enemy

While it may seem that it is safe to take out hot items from your microwave with your bare hands, you may want to reconsider. Oftentimes, microwave ovens can heat your food just as well as your other kitchen appliances. So, the next time you reach for your food, it could be at temperatures that burn your skin. In addition, some foods collect moisture which escapes the packaging as steam. It is easy for the steam to burn you and leave you with irritation and swelling. To avoid this, keep the microwaved food at a distance when taking it out of the oven and use the proper protective mittens.

Do Not Let Kids Near Your Microwave Oven

Microwave ovens are like all of your other kitchen appliances; kids should not be allowed near them, especially if they are very young. Microwaves especially can emit harmful radiation that can be damaging to children. In addition to this, kids can use microwave ovens improperly leading to injuries and damage to your kitchen. So keep your kids safe and keep them away from your microwave oven.

Plastic can Melt in Your Microwave Oven and Glass can Explode

Before putting anything in your microwave oven you should always make sure that is microwave safe. When you browse microwaves on sale, you can check if it allows for certain class and plastics to be put inside. If you do put glass or plastic that is not microwave safe in your microwave oven, then chances are that the glass will explode and the plastic will melt. Not only will you be left with a terrible mess on your hands, but you can also damage the microwave and harm yourself. To keep yourself protected, check if the glass or plastic is microwave safe.

Do Not Stand Too Close to Your Microwave

Finally, when using your microwave, keep yourself at a distance. Many studies have shown that microwaves emit dangerous radiation that can be harmful to humans. So, the next time your microwave unit is on, stay a few feet away or in the other room until the food is completely heated. If an emergency does occur, rush to the microwave and quickly unplug it. This will keep you safe and prevent further trouble.


Using the correct microwave safety standards when operating your microwave is the best thing that you can do. You can prevent injury to yourself, your family, and you can ensure that no damage occurs to your home or other kitchen appliances. So next time you use your microwave, keep the above tips in mind. You’ll be glad you did.

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