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How To Use Your Home Appliances the Smart Way to Save Money

Because the demand for power in Bangladesh is much higher than the supply, it’s more important than ever to implement strategies that can decrease energy use. This can be accomplished in various ways like investing in energy-efficient appliances and using them wisely.

Even if you own second-hand home appliances, there are tricks you can learn to help conserve electricity, save on your fuel bills, and help limit the amount of load shedding that occurs. Let’s start with having a clear perception of home appliance usage.

Best Appliance Usage for Savings

Utilizing your home appliances in certain ways can help you save a lot on your electric bill. By turning down the thermostat on your water heater by ten degrees—for example, from 60 to 50 degrees Celsius—you can save up to 18% of your total energy usage.

Also, if your water heater is stored in an area where it will be exposed to cold temperatures during the winter months, be sure the pipes are insulated. When they are not insulated, particularly in the winter, your tank has to work much harder to maintain the temperature of the water. Keeping them well-insulated additionally allows you to keep the thermostat on the tank a little lower, and it can prevent a long wait for hot water. Besides, if you are about to buy second-hand home appliances, look carefully at essential aspects

Save In the Kitchen

With your refrigerator, there are a couple of ways to save on your expenses.

  • The thermostat should at the lowest possible setting so that it won’t run as often. A general rule to keep in mind is the less food you have in your fridge, the lower the temperature can be without risking food spoilage.
  • if you’re purchasing a new refrigerator, keep in mind those that come equipped to defrost automatically tend to use more electricity. This is because they have internal coils that heat up at random intervals to prevent frost from building up. Frost comes from moisture in the air and from your food, and it is quite important to remove it, but only when necessary. Be sure to invest in a refrigerator that allows you to manually defrost.
  • allow warm foods to cool completely before putting them in the fridge. This will eliminate unnecessary heat from making the thermostat work harder.

Use Microwaves carefully

By simply choosing to use microwave ovens over standard ranges and toaster ovens, you can cut down on your energy costs. Microwave ovens, overall, use about one-third of the energy that regular ovens use. They also heat up your food much faster than a traditional oven, so you essentially use it for a shorter length of time. It won’t be the perfect choice for cooking raw meat or for getting foods crispy. It is, however, perfect for reheating leftovers.

Using small kitchen appliances can additionally reduce the amount of electricity your household uses. Usually, the smaller the appliance, the less energy that is required to run it. You already know that using a microwave to reheat your food can save you money. This strategy holds true for using a small toaster oven as well as a lower wattage microwave.

Install Water purifiers

Water purifiers are an excellent investment, regardless of what your utility bill looks like. They benefit your health and are a great tool for keeping your entire home in good working order. You already know you must have clean water. Of course, you can purchase the garrafones, but can you really be sure the water is clean? Some people choose to boil their water, but this results in the overuse of gas and electricity.

Purifiers are specifically designed to target water problems based on locale, and they essentially work by removing impurities like lead and arsenic as well as microscopic bacteria and viruses that cause disease. All this is accomplished while utilizing less electricity than boiling water all day. Depending on where you live, you can investigate purifiers that do not use electricity but rather require the regular changing of filters.

Clean Laundry the Smart Way

If you happen to own a front-loading washing machine, you’re in luck. These typically use about one-third of the energy of a top-loading machine. And if you’re in the market for a new washer, be sure to purchase one that is the right size, not too big, and not too small. Remember, the bigger the appliance, the greater the energy load and the higher your bill.

Also, switch to a cold-water cycle instead of hot. Most people think that you must use hot water to get your clothes clean, but some companies make detergents that are chemically designed to get your fabrics clean in a cool cycle. You can truly save a lot by switching from hot to cold.

Setting your washer to a fast spin at the end of the wash cycle can get your clothes near dry, and you can avoid using the dryer altogether. Of course, you can always hang your clothes outside during the warm days to get additional savings.

Powering Down is Vital

According to Rajib Kanti Das, Assistant Professor at BGC Trust University Bangladesh, the peak hours of electricity usage are between 5pm and 11pm. To ease this burden and to help prevent further shortages throughout Bangladesh, turn off your power in the late afternoon.

Rajib Kanti Das additionally advises residents to avoid using air conditioners, washing machines, and coffee heaters during these times of peak usage. Be sure to completely unplug anything you aren’t using on a continual or frequent basis, even during the morning and daytime hours.

Energy Star Label

If you have used home appliances and will be shopping in the near future, look for those that come with the Energy Star label. These will allow you to save up to 90% on your energy usage.

Final Words

You must ensure safety for your home from electrical or any kind of accidents by following the proper usage, maintenance, and storage of your appliances. Follow the guidelines and tips we have shared above to ensure your family is kept from any unwanted incidents.

We hope when all of the above methods are employed to save on power usage, everyone benefits and never forget “It’s better to be safe than sorry.”! 

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