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ARE YOU LOOKING FOR A JOB? The job market today is competitive & complicated! We are all in search of jobs in a working environment that gives flexibility while the salary/incentives are fixed. Our personal preferences for several benefits are also a deciding factor when we go in for a recruitment interview or during any step of the job application process.

But before you send in job applications to private companies that offer a healthy salary for their recruitments, you might want to consider the advantages of working government jobs in Bangladesh.

Government jobs in Bangladesh may be considered something which is glory over fortune with limited pay but they offer tons of benefits which would otherwise be unimaginable. Simply put, a government job is simple & steady. But recruitment, for government jobs, is easily one of the most difficult achievements, especially in Bangladesh.

The lack of interest in this sector is also to blame for the rising complexities of government job recruitments. Let’s look at some of the major advantages & disadvantages of working in a government job.

Advantages of Government Jobs in Bangladesh

Government Jobs Advantages Bikroy

Let’s begin by looking at the advantages of building a career in the government job sector. Although the number of recruitments in this sector is low compared to private jobs, the competition is intense. Get Help for Your Job Search in Bangladesh! Visit

Job Stability

The first & foremost advantage of recruitment in a government job is your job security. Come what may, the government job sector withstands its stronghold with economies crumbling globally or any other unfortunate incidents that easily handicap private job markets. The job market is threatening all over the world and for developing nations such as Bangladesh, it is even more so. Even with little or no economic growth, a government job is stable.

In comparison to government service holders, private service holders are more at risk of losing their jobs and other associated benefits. Private companies may find it difficult to continue with the slowing economy and are forced to cut down on employees, their salaries, bonuses, and other employee benefits & services. In the government job sector, this is highly unlikely!

Healthcare Benefits

As a public servant, the government job holder receives benefits services which include health benefits. There are a wide range of healthcare plans available for public servants which would be very costly for private service holders. Healthcare benefits in the government job sector include Life Insurance policies, medical plans, dental plans & many other necessary emergency services.

Lifestyle Benefits

Government jobholders also have several benefits which help in building & maintaining a secure lifestyle. One of the most major being a home, every government employee has access to government housing which becomes their permanent home. There are also financial benefits for renting, purchasing a house, car, etc. Public servants receive special consideration for loans and grants for work, home, family, education and other lifestyle benefits.

Fair Remuneration

It is a common misconception that recruitment in the government job sector has unsatisfactory remuneration. However, this is not the entire truth. Yes, the take-home salary offered for a government job is always much less than a similar private job, but the associated benefits & services cover a lot of costs which would otherwise be spent from your pockets.

Private jobs offer a high salary but they may even cut your salary, bonus or benefits based on their economic circumstances. Also, most employees are able to manipulate terms with the management for the higher salary which may or may not be fair. In the government sector, the salary hike is fair and stable. There is a significant lack of discrimination compared to private companies, since the pay scale for government jobs are fixed & determined based on the job level, educational qualifications and past job experiences.

Work Stress Level

The stress levels of public jobs are way below the normal work stress level, in most cases. It is highly unlikely that the work environment will be high intensity since they operate in a relaxing work environment. The workload is the bare minimum which gives employees freedom while deadlines for tasks are not crunched or do not impose any undue pressure on them. The work hours are also strictly maintained ensuring that employees do not have to put in overtime.

Disadvantages of Government Jobs in Bangladesh

Government job disadvantages Bikroy

Now like all good things, there is a price to pay! Well, don’t be scared, this genuine advice is fully free but it’s time to look at the other side of the river. On the flipside, let’s have a brief discussion about some of the disadvantages due to which many of us may not be as attracted to government jobs or are more inclined towards private jobs.

Widespread Bureaucracy

All across the world, every country has the issue of government jobs being a highly bureaucratic sector. This is also due to the overreliance on convectional work methods which make job duties monotonous and slow compared to the use of more technological methods. While there is a change happening in terms of adopting newer technological methods, a huge transformational phase which is an uphill task but this will surely bring forth betterment in the future. At present, not just the public even the public servants get frustrated due to the slow nature of work progress and the outdated methods.

Passive Environment

Another environmental disadvantage in the government job sectors is that recruitment is often given to those who are of a passive working mentality. Dynamic employees who look to be more efficient with new ideas are not given priority for recruitment. Even after recruitment, individuals who are more involved do not get the support of seniors or management. As for the rare occasions where an idea reaches the top management and is liked by them, it takes long to be implemented. The worst outcome from this is the change in attitude which creates a passive working environment. This is not good for clients or customers in the public or even in the private sector.


Hope you have learned a few new things about the government jobs sector and its recruitment which will provide some assistance during your job applications. There are advantages and disadvantages to every job. We all want a good working environment with fixed incentives and room to grow our skills, consider this before putting in your job applications.

An online job portal, such as, is one of the most reliable jobs search tools for both government jobs and private jobs all over Bangladesh. Think about what a government job could offer you compared to a similar private job within a 5 year period for a more appropriate comparison. To sum up you must consider both sides and then take the most appropriate decision accordingly.

Best wishes to you!

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