Buying Your First Camera? Which One Should You Buy?

Camera – one of the most amazing inventions which allow us to capture our memories! It can be an absolutely daunting task to decide on buying a camera. Especially nowadays with so many options out there but this will be your most complete guide to help you in choosing the right one for you. This guide is prepared keeping in mind what category of photography you are involved with and the best options for you at a decent price in Bangladesh.

Although it’s a simple question “Which camera should I buy?” the answer has multiple folds. You can alsp have a look here for more help What Should I Consider Before Buying My First DSLR Camera? Photography is not a universal remote, we have personal preferences. There are so many types of cameras (DSLR, HD, action, etc.) & accessories the decision is best taken with all available information. So you must decide which type of photographer you are from the following:

  • An everyday photographer
  • An action photographer
  • A professional photographer
  • A just-for-fun photographer

Read through this guide without any worries and learn about the types are available in the market and the right one for your activities. Be confident in choosing which is not just a camera for the highest price in Bangladesh but which is best for you! It is exciting to shop for a new gadget such as a camera and at the same time it is intimidating. Don’t worry at all!

For everyday photographers

digital camera bikroy

Who is the everyday photographer? If you like to capture your kids growing up, share your morning selfie, send a choice of dress for your partner, etc. you are the everyday photographer! Everyday photographers are those who use a camera for its simplicity & that’s it.

Our smartphones are amazing! A smartphone is an incredible device which is truly an all-rounder, like a telephone, gaming console, cam, recorder, alarm clock, TV, computer & the list goes on. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the cameras which are in smartphones today. The high-end smartphones have exceptional cams built-in with high resolution, megapixel, zoom, etc. This is the camera that will always be with you without any extra hassle for capturing any of the moments of your life as they happen and will be an amazing memory in the future. A smartphone can easily compete with your standard digital cameras. As simple as Point & Shoot for a great picture which can be immediately shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. You can even import it to an app for editing it before sharing with friends, family or the world. So you can easily capture your daily life moments without too many technicalities.

The standard digital cameras such as compact & advanced compact cameras are the most affordable cameras in the market. The biggest advantage of a compact camera over smartphones camera is its zoom. Smartphones use digital zoom which makes the image larger by sacrificing its resolution. This is why images look more pixelated when the zoom is used on your smartphones. But compact cameras use optical zoom does not affect the resolution of the image, keeping it in full resolution. Advanced digital cameras have more options rather than just Point & Shoot such as, exposure control, color, focus, zoom, lens, etc. which gives you the feel of a pocket-sized DSLR camera. So you can easily capture your favorite moments with a quick snap & even use some of the advanced features such as for low light indoor pictures or bright outdoor pictures.

So for the everyday photographers, smartphone cameras & compact cameras are both good options. They are best due to their small size and are capable of some advanced photography options as well.

For the action photographers

go pro bikroy

The action photographers cannot be defined by any specific action. They are those who are in action at any time in any place and need to capture every thrilling moment of the action. Whether it’s the video of your biking through the busy Dhaka city traffic, skiing on ice abroad, or mountain climbing adventures in the Himalayas, every action is captured!

Action cameras are designed with the sole purpose of high-resolution capture during all sorts of fast movements. While action cameras are made purely for capturing video, they are more than capable of capturing still images. For extreme sports & outdoor adventures, regular cameras cannot compete with the excellence of action cameras. Whether it’s capturing high-resolution video or long battery life, action cameras such as GoPro clearly are a standout gadget. They are moderately priced, compact, durable, and can be mounted on anything for hands-free performance.

A camera as such is capable of shooting in extreme conditions, even underwater. So whether skilling in freezing cold, scuba diving underwater, in the heat of the desert or rough mountain climbing conditions, they’re more than enough! These cameras are durable to resist up to a 10 feet drop and are dustproof. So not only can you swim with them, they will live through drops & hits due to extreme sports and conditions.

So for the action photographers, action cameras have no alternative and will do justice to the needs and requirements of capturing every moment of passionate action lovers.

For the professional photographers

Digital DSLR Bikroy

Are you a professional photographer? Or do you aspire to be one? In any case, you require a professional camera and nothing less than that. Whether you are a natural wildlife photographer or events photographer, you will need pro-level features in a camera for the highest price in Bangladesh.

A DSLR camera is big & heavy which require extreme care in usage & storage. While it is an extremely expensive gadget, pros across the world will without a doubt recommend it for an aspiring photographer. One of the most primary features is its sophisticated autofocus (AF) system which allows you to capture fast-moving subjects while also zooming to capture the tiniest of details. There are technical specifications which make it supreme in comparison to any of its competition.

The long battery life in DSLR will allow you to shoot hundreds or thousands of pictures per charge. The interchangeable lenses in DSLR allow you to have full manual control over every aspect of your photography. They offer the best in quality with tough build for endurance and high-resolution results. Yes, DSLR cameras are expensive, but it is justified by its performance.

So for aspiring professional photographers, you will have to reach deep in your pockets and spend on camera which is big & heavy in both size and performance.

Before buying a DSLR check here to get Guide to Your First DSLR Camera.

For the just-for-fun photographers

Are you a photographer who just wants to have fun? Just-for-fun photographers can have fun with any camera. But even for the fun lovers there are special.

Instant cameras are truly instant! Just press the shutter & your picture will be printed from the camera itself! Yes, it’s not magic, the instant cameras have gotten a huge upgrade in recent times giving you color prints within minutes. They are extremely fun to use and no one will say no to an instant pic. Today, we take pictures with cameras and don’t even think about looking at prints. But with this, the major attraction is that you will get a printed picture. Rather than swiping through hundreds of selfies on your smartphone or digital HD camera, you can actually touch & feel your picture.

So if you’re a fun-loving photographer looking to turn heads, then go for an instant camera. Kids who now only know digital cameras will be more than curious to know how instant cameras work and will be fascinated with the results.

Keep in mind the ‘extras’

When shopping for a camera in Bangladesh, you will see that the “extras” are more like essentials. Regardless of how much or how little you spend on a digital, DSLR, any HD, or even your smartphones, the accessories are an integral part. The following are some of these essential accessories which may seem extra but are definitely needed:

  • The case, protective cover or bag
  • Memory Cards or USB sticks
  • Spare Batteries or Portable charger
  • Lenses (must for DSLR)
  • Filters (and other lens attachments)
  • Tripods/Monopods
  • External Flashes
  • Reflectors

It is true that many retailers will include most of these with a high-end purchase. But it is important to remember that while most digital cameras may come with a 16 or 32 MB memory card, you actually need something more like GBs of storage. Most HD cameras are high megapixel and take up more space so megabyte memory cards are no longer appropriate for digital cameras, and definitely not for DSLR cameras.

Read lots of customer reviews & rely on the experience of others as well as your own

Before you confirm purchasing a digital camera for yourself, you should not only decide on what kind of a photographer you are, but also take lots of research time. Your research will educate you more than your average digital camera salesperson.

Read reviews of DSLR owners online to know more about the types of challenges that may exist or browse through them just for better decision-making. While experts and websites are great, the average users’ reviews will be more appropriate for a first-time buyer. It is a very valuable and free resource which we often overlook.

If you think that you have found the right one and model which is just perfect for you, then walk into an actual store and experience it hands-on. Do not solely rely on your online research, pictures, and specifications, it is important to hold & rely on that experience before finalizing your purchase. This will help you to know whether it is suited in your hands for your use.


Hopefully, the information provided has better informed you about some of the many things to consider when you are buying a camera. So let’s have a quick rundown of the steps to purchasing:

  1. Recognize yourself as a particular type of photographer based on your personal needs
  2. Thoroughly research using magazines, website, blogs, etc.
  3. Look at online reviews & experience of others
  4. Get hands-on experience of particular models
  5. Finally take home a shiny new gadget & start clicking

Hopefully, you enjoyed this quick read and it is of some assistance when you set out in hunt of the perfect gadget for you. Remember, there is no right or wrong, a camera which suits your needs is a perfect choice. Do your research and enjoy the experience of finding your perfect match.

In this age of online shopping, you can browse through the extensive marketplace of Bikroy.com which has an infinite collection of various types of digital cameras such as HD, DSLR & much more for some of the most competitive prices in Bangladesh. Whether you online or offline from a store, online marketplaces are an effective & free resource which is helpful in better decision making.

Thanks for reading & start snapping your memories!

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