Job Seekers Guide to Accounting and Finance Jobs in Bangladesh

Before you start your search for finance or accountant jobs, there are a few things you should do to ensure success in your job search. Your eagerness to plunge into a world of finance, investment strategies or numbers isn’t enough to land jobs in Dhaka. You also need to be equipped with the proper tools.

Before Your Job Search

Find the Companies That Need Accountants and Finance Workers

Small Businesses

Small business owners don’t often have the knowledge to do their own books. They need the help of a professional bookkeeper or accounting clerk to handle their receivables. Even if they are qualified to handle the various parts of the accounting for the business, they will need someone to handle that on a daily basis as well as give them financial advice.


Companies that are focused on bettering the world will need to have an accountant or financial adviser to help them keep accurate books. The funds might be given by healthy donations from benefactors and will have to be tracked closely or invested to reap more monetary rewards.

Real Estate Firms

There are many reasons for a real estate firm to have a bookkeeper or financial adviser. There must be a position in the company that keeps track of commissions, bonuses and the money that changes hands between sellers and buyers. There are real estate appraisers and investment professionals.

Insurance Agencies

There are many positions that deal with finance in an insurance agency. There are insurance brokers and agents who deal with the customers to help them find the right policy. In these positions, there are some financial dealings, but there are also claims adjusters, actuaries and loss control specialists.

Commercial Banks

Bank employees must have a background in finance or accounting to work with customers. Customers of the bank can need to talk about their retirement accounts or borrow money to finance their first home. The bank hires savvy and informed accountants and finance workers for positions in the bank. Banks need loan officers, credit analysts and mortgage managers.


Big companies need teams of accountants and financial advisers. Normally, a large corporation will have an accounting department with many workers from accounting clerks to accounting managers. There are a variety of positions that might become available at large corporations.


When you’ve had numerous years of experience as a bookkeeper, accountant or financial manager, you might decide that you’d like to work for yourself. It broadens your experience and gives you the chance to work with various companies on a daily basis. You’ll still be working with many of the types of companies listed above like real estate firms, but with smaller offices and less staff.

Starting Your Job Search


When looking for jobs in Bangladesh, you’ll need to present a professional demeanor. It doesn’t matter if you’re searching and interviewing as a consultant or a potential employee for a corporation, you’ll need to address the company with a cover letter detailing your experience. You’ll send along a CV, but the cover letter is supposed to persuade them to grant you an interview.


Use the cover letter to talk about why you’d be an asset to the team. It should never be a form letter. Personalize the letter directly to the company and the hiring manager. This will require research into the company so you don’t make a mistake when addressing the manager. You can call to find out the hiring manager’s name too. This makes it more personalized, but don’t address them by their first name.


The resume is included with the cover letter sent to a company. It should detail every experience that is relevant to the job you want with the company. Never skip or remove experience that isn’t relevant. Find a way to make every experience relevant. If you worked in a fast food restaurant, you still had to count change for customers, which is money related.

Interview Etiquette

Professional Dress

It doesn’t matter if the position is in a casual company or a business professional environment, you should wear clothes that are appropriate. Men should wear a suit and tie while women should wear a pantsuit or a dress with a blazer. Jewelry should be kept to a few tasteful pieces. Have more than one outfit for the interview process. If you’re invited back for a second interview, you won’t want to wear the same suit.

Professional Manner

When entering the location for the interview, greet the receptionist with a smile and be pleasant. This is your first face-to-face contact with the company. The receptionist might be asked about your behavior. Don’t bring anyone with you. If you have to get a ride, have the person wait in the car. Patiently wait for the interviewer to call you and don’t pester the receptionist.

Professional Posture

In the reception area and the interview room, sit straight and tall without slouching back in your seat. Body language is important during the interview process. The interviewer has such a short amount of time to judge your worthiness for the position. They will watch for signs that you might not be suitable. Slouching makes it appear as if you don’t take the interview seriously. On the other hand, don’t sit forward as it’s seen as incredibly aggressive. Sit with your back straight and feet planted firmly on the floor.

Professional Language

Never use slang or swear during an interview. You’ll be shown the door long before you can prove that you’re the right candidate for the position. Never stutter or pause while making noises as you think of your answer. It’s okay to pause silently to frame your response in the best possible way then reply to the question.

There are many vacancies for finance jobs and accountancy positions being advertised on If you don’t find one available in the finance areas, don’t forget to broaden your search to unexpected companies like non-profits or small businesses. The person who thinks outside the box will find unexpected rewards. Don’t be afraid to contact companies directly when they don’t have advertisements listed.

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