Some Unique Features of Samsung Galaxy S9 That Makes Difference


Not too long ago, last year, Samsung broke through the mobile device market by letting users “unbox” their devices with the bigger screen, eliminating the top & bottom display bezels. Samsung mobile phones have always offered an absolutely stunning display for their devices and the Samsung Galaxy S8 was in every way revolutionary for users in the past year. With many others competing fiercely for a place in the market, Samsung’s new mobile, the Galaxy S9 was due to come with heavy expectations and while opinions may differ, it has delivered!

The Samsung Galaxy S9 may not be a revolution in comparison to its predecessor, but it is beyond doubt an excellent buy for the luxury users. Without a massive design change such as the “unbox” for S8, it just evolves the design to adjust the new features. It comes in two different sizes, one being the standard size and the other being the Plus size.

It is no secret that consumers residing in different geographical regions will enjoy a different version of the devices. While the performance will not be drastically different, most of the tech inside is comparable. During close inspection of the tech inside, it can be deduced that most of the aspects are unchanged from the Galaxy S8.

What’s a review of the Galaxy S9 without mentioning its arch rival, Apple! The S9 has not made as big an impact as the S8 due to the Apple X. Regardless of the differences in opinions, Apple X has made quite the impact on the market. By keeping a 3.5mm headphone jack, the S9 can boast to be one of the only high-end devices of 2018 with a wired audio system on their device. Also check out Best Upcoming Flagship Mobile Phones of 2019.

So, what exactly is new in the Samsung Galaxy S9? Lets look at some of the features which will make most of us dig deep into our wallets for this latest gadget from the South Korean giant.


Samsung galaxy s9 camera bikroy

While the Samsung Galaxy S8 broke the market with its “unbox” campaign, the Galaxy S9 is doing the same with its camera. The camera capabilities of this phone are at the core of the marketing of the new Samsung mobile device offering something over the traditional mobile cameras. The new camera on the S9 comes with the variable-aperture sensor which gives it a mechanical advantage over its competition. traditional fixed-aperture cameras. While the feature can be used with effectiveness by professional using the manual mode, simply put, the main camera is capable of swapping between f/1.5 and f/2.4. The f/1.5 is best for artistic shots even in low light and the f/2.4 is perfect for normal shots.

The Galaxy S9 Plus goes up one by allowing “Live Focus” effects, also known as bokeh effects.  Another excellent option is the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus’ camera to shoot super slow-motion videos. The super slow mode is enhanced slow mode which many of us fancy quite a bit. However, the task of recording a super slow mode video is tough. You will either hope that phone is able to pick the right moments for the slow mode or you can record short bursts of video. It is a spectacular feature which will only get better in the future.


Samsung galaxy s9 Speaker bikroy

While I will continue to stress that the S9 is just a modest update of the S8, it made a massive improvement with its AKG-tuned stereo speakers. One of the biggest complaints of last year’s Galaxy S8 (and fairly all previous devices) was its poor speakers. The bottom speaker at the very edge was poorly placed and the results were unsatisfactory to say the least. This phone has a top speaker with better performance, less distortion and Surround Sound technology.

The South Korean giant, Samsung explained that the speakers are very much better and took a lot of work. A dynamic speaker was required for Surround Sound ability and the top of the phone was the best spot. All internal components had to be redesigned such as the front camera and iris scanner to accommodate the powerful & slim new speaker.

The result was magnificent with 1.4 times louder speakers. Dolby Atmos was incorporated for Surround Sound capabilities. A three-dimensional audio environment gives listeners the impression of Surround Sound. The AKG fine tuning expanded the bass range without distortion for higher volumes. The earpiece now provides the new speaker function. This aspect has enhanced the Samsung Galaxy S9’s performance for movies and games.

AR Emoji

samsung galaxy s9 AR Emoji bikroy

The new S9 almost gave the feeling that the hype surrounding the camera may be disappointing, but it is the main component of innovation such as the AR Emoji and Bixby Vision. The manufacturer has revolutionized the functionalities of the modern day mobile phone cameras as we progress towards a more & more innovative future.

Apple has definitely struck the right chords with its Animoji on iPhone X for one of its many Android competitors. Samsung’s version of the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is the AR Emoji. With a built-in menu, it’s easier than ever imagined to create the AR Emoji. Users can simply take a selfie and a virtual avatar s created which can then be dressed and styled as they prefer.

The system maps out over 100 facial features to generate 3D model allowing it to display facial expressions and emotions. For example, if you pose with a camera then the AR Emoji would do the same. You can capture video and images of the AR Emoji with your sound and use them as gifs for social networks and messaging platforms. Preloaded expressions are available for an easy reply to messages using your avatar which can be easily accessed like regular emojis on the Samsung keyboard. Check out Top Must Have Features in Any Smartphone in Coming Year.


samsung galaxy s9 Bixby bikroy

Bixby has received quite the upgrade with incredible speeds for translation. With its Live Translation feature, you can simply capture a foreign text for an automatic translation by Bixby. In some cases, Bixby works at faster speeds compared to Google Translate. What’s important to note is that its speed is not due to hardware, rather your internet connection so at faster speeds it operates its best.

Bixby Vision is also spectacular at identifying whatever you point at such as places, objects, food and beverages. With extra capabilities provided by Samsung’s AR in Bixby, more information is available about foods, monuments, locations and more. So the basic feature of scanning barcodes is still here but Bixby sure is tanked up with abilities in the new Samsung Galaxy S9.

As for the more standard features, the battery is nothing to brag about since the S8 offering a standard of 3000mAh in S9 and 3500mAh battery in the S9 Plus. The power saving mode will help but like every other modern phone, regular charging is required for longer use. Quick-charge and wireless charge features allow some relief as both are present with dust and water protection.


Overall, the new Samsung Galaxy S9 is a sure shot bull’s eye by the South Korean giant. While many may feel they are getting the same phone as the Galaxy S8, in fact, it is a much improved new phone in an older S8 casing. The Android smartphones continue to evolve rapidly, S9 Plus can still boast to be the best that money can buy right now.

The Samsung Galaxy S9 is fantastically designed and the display is best in any device in its league. The best camera Samsung can create is even smarter with exceptional performance in low light using the innovative dual-aperture technology. The device is stronger using improved materials in its construction and still lightweight.

The camera is one of the best reasons if not the biggest reason to get the new Samsung mobile phone either the Samsung Galaxy S9 or the Plus. The extra cost will be tough on many to digest but its power and improved construction are convincing. The Galaxy S9 could very well be the best new mobile phone of 2018 to get and for competitors to beat.


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