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Cycling in Bangladesh: Health benefits of Cycling

A few years ago, cycling was common almost everywhere in cities and villages, but people chose cycling for fitness purposes these days. Besides using it for maintaining health in urban areas, many young people are doing stunts using bicycles.

In today’s article on behalf of – The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh, we discussed various aspects of the benefits of cycling and cycle price in Bangladesh for those interested.

Why is cycling important?

In addition to being your companion in short-distance travel, a cycle has many other benefits. During cycling, various muscles become active, resulting in a more robust muscle structure. Also, cycling does not require many physical skills like other sports. Because once you learn to ride a bicycle, it is not easy to forget.

Cycling is easier than any other exercise or swimming because it does not require repeated practice. It keeps the body in shape and does not allow excess fat to accumulate in the body. Bicycles can also help recover from a long-term physical injury.

For many people who are physically disabled by birth, cycling helps restore normal functioning. Some clubs and organizations organize competitions, and bicycle stunts in our country, which have become a means to keep us mentally and physically energized.

Cycling for Health Protection

Our lungs, heart, and veins work together during cycling, causing deep breathing and increased body temperature to improve overall health. Other benefits come with regular cycling: 

  • Cycling enhances physical performance and keeps the mind fresh.
  • Cycling at regular intervals reduces the risk of diabetes, heart disease, and high blood pressure.
  • Cycling and jogging consume about the same amount of calories. About 300 calories are lost from the body through cycling every hour.
  • Anyone who has elderly health issues like knee or spine injuries can benefit from cycling as an alternative to jogging.
  • Cycling helps reduce weight, and those who cycle regularly are more likely to be physically fit.
  • Cycling helps reduce stress and depression.

Before Start Cycling

There are no restrictions on cycling for teenagers and young adults. Bicycles may be the best way to get from one place to another, especially short-distance destinations by pushing traffic jams. However, for those who are a little older or who have some physical complications: 

  • Consult a doctor before cycling.
  • Start slowly, two or three days a week, then increase to five or six days.
  • Slowly increase the cycling speed.
  • Wear a helmet, kneepad, elbow pad before cycling.
  • Before getting out with your bicycle every day, make sure that the cycle’s pumps, tires, and gears are in good condition.

Necessary Accessories for Cycling

If you decide to go cycling, here are some things you may need:

  • Vented helmets are most useful for bicycle rides during summer/hot weather.
  • If you want to go long riding, you can wear light or white clothes which will give you protection from ultra-violate rays.
  • Tools needed for bicycle maintenance on the road.
  • You can keep sunscreen with you to protect your hands from sunburn.
  • Take an energy drink or energy powder.
  • Many also carry emergency kits and essential snacks with them when going on a ride.

Cycling in Summer

Intense sunshine is a barrier to cycling in warm weather. In addition to the extreme temperature, riders have to burn calories at that time! So if you don’t take adequate precautions while cycling in hot weather, there could be severe health issues like dehydration or even heat stroke. So whatever you may need while cycling in hot weather: 

  • Adequate Water: During the summer, water is required before, during, and after the ride. You need to drink water at regular intervals while riding and should also consider drinking saline. Saline boosts your energy while cycling in hot weather.
  • Sun Protection: Heat and radiation are some leading causes of getting sick while riding. So to be protected from the sun, you must apply good sunscreen wear necessary protective clothing, hats, etc.
  • Start Slowly: Even after following these precautions, you may become ill if you are not used to cycling at high temperatures. So go out once a week when the temperature is high. During this time, the sweaty body will help you adjust to riding the bike in extra temperatures. While this may seem like a daunting task at first, it will be helpful later.
  • Take a break in the shade: When cycling on city streets, if there are trees on the road and shade, take the opportunity. Also, choose a place where there is shade during intermediate rest.

In Conclusion

Cycling has many advantages, some of which we have just mentioned in this write-up. We hope these benefits and tips will make your cycling more enjoyable.

Then why delay? Buy the bike of your choice from The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh, and start cycling regularly by following the road rules!

Happy cycling!


Is it safe to cycle in Bangladesh?
Except for some metropolitan cities (with no lanes to ride), bicycles are safe vehicles for daily rides. Even the cycling trends are growing in towns and rural areas in Bangladesh.

Which are the best cycle brands in Bangladesh?
According to – The Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh, the best cycle brands in Bangladesh are: 

  • Mixed Brands (e.g., Falcon, Galaxy, Atlas)
  • Phoenix
  • Duranta
  • Hero
  • Veloce
  • Foxter
Which are the top-selling cycle brands in Bangladesh?

According to, the top-selling cycle brands in Bangladesh are:

  • Mixed Brands (e.g., Falcon, Galaxy, Atlas)
  • Phoenix
  • Duranta
  • Hero
  • Veloce
  • Foxter

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