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How to prepare for Government jobs in Bangladesh?

In our youths, “how to take preparation for BCS” is one of the most commonly asked questions, which defines the fascination about the government’s jobs clearly. After completing graduation many of our graduates are to test their luck by attending various government jobs and the competition is rising every year.

In Bangladesh, after completing graduation, a candidate can choose from numerous career options. There are so many available options to step in, like MNCs, IT jobs, private sector, bank jobs, government jobs, and so on. All of the sectors provide a good work environment and a handsome salary range, but the majority of fresh graduates still prefer government jobs over other jobs.

Here we have assembled some preparation methods and techniques, which can assist any candidate to fit in any sort of government job in Bangladesh.   

Government job exams in Bangladesh 

Within the Government job itself, there are several options for a candidate to choose from. A candidate can take preparation for ministry jobs, BCS, primary school teacher jobs, and govt bank jobs in Bangladesh. So, if one is preparing for govt jobs, then he/she might have to appear in several exams throughout the whole year. 

The only difficulty is the competition level and the mark distribution depending on the post you are applying for. So, decide your goal first and then utilize the tips and facts we have prepared for you. 

How to take preparation for govt job exams at home?

Many candidates along with students feel some confusion about the procedure of taking the government job preparation in Bangladesh. In some cases, there are also people who are attending exams regularly but not achieving the destination yet. 

Well, It’s not only about hard work, alongside you will require a clear goal and a steady plan. This will increase the probability of succeeding. Let’s have a look over some preparation strategies to conquer your dream job.

Choose your area of interest

Before making your first move, know your interest zone. Depending on candidates, many focus on only one exam, and others divide their focus into several ones, which actually depends on their mindsets. 

But usually, if you are focusing on more than 3 areas, then you can not concentrate properly. So, find your interest areas from BCS, govt bank jobs, ministry jobs, and others. If you choose two to three areas and they have similarities in their preparation model, then you can distribute your effort to each one.   

Have a grip over exam syllabus and pattern

If you are eligible to take part in your preferred field exams, then check the syllabus and the exam pattern of those. With this, you will come to know about the subjects you have to cover for the entire preparation. 

For some exams, the subjects are almost similar. Like, you need to cover Bangla/English literature, general math, general science, and general knowledge (local and international) most of the time. 

So, prepare a common study plan and try to cover all subjects. By doing so, you can shift your focus according to the nearest exam as well. Like, if you are determined for BCS and bank jobs, then prepare for both. If BCS is knocking at the door, then devote one month of dedicated preparation for BCS only.  

Practice with dedication

If you are finding a one-stop solution on “how to prepare for government jobs in Bangladesh”, then we must say, attempt mock test series as many as you can. But before attending mocks, try to learn basics from each of your subjects –

  • For preliminary exams, focus on easy concepts and boost your speed along with the accuracy rate. 
  • For written exams, prepare for high-level difficult questions and maths.
  • Get in touch with high-quality study materials and sufficient test papers. 

Importance of mock tests

You can gather ideas about taking government job preparation but the importance of mock tests will make your preparations stronger –

  • Constant practice with most test series will boost your speed and accuracy at the same time. You will be able to guess your current standings and how you are performing on behalf of cut marks. 
  • By practising exams within a fixed time, you will be able to sense the right subject to start within the exam room. 
  • Attending mock tests will increase your reasoning ability. As a result, you will be able to approach high-level quizzes and find out the answer in a short time. 
  • It will give you a practical sense of attending the tests in the exam centre. By giving more trials you can entirely wipe off your nervousness. 
  • After completing each exam you will get to know the detailed answer key, which will assist you to know your mistakes and correct them. 

Tips on improving the English language for Government jobs

To get a good grasp of the English language, you can read daily newspapers on a regular basis. This is probably the best strategy to gather some extra marks in the general knowledge section. Reading newspapers will increase your vocabulary along with your grammar skills. Having good grammar skills can help you to spot your errors, fillers, and structuring sentences. 

General Knowledge Tips

For almost every government exam, general knowledge holds a good amount of marks. In fact, this is the subject that can be the ultimate deciding factor of your final result. The best approach to do good in general knowledge is none other than reading current affairs. It could be a bit tough to remember so much information so try to be strategic while reading GK. Whether you are looking for a job as a fresher or you want to switch your job, the GK part is essential to make an impact.

Mental Ability Tips

Try to solve more and more number series, quadratic equations, and mechanical reasoning questions first. Then take some mock tests to grow your skill-set over this subject particularly. 

Coming to the exam strategy, you can pick numerical ability, space relation, and problem-solving at the first place. These topics will fetch your marks easily. Then you can solve the mechanical and verbal reasoning part. Apply this strategy in your mock test practice as well to get the best result. 

Final Words

No one can basically dispute the need of having talented civil servants for the proper functions of human rights. This however can not outweigh the need for experts in other sectors as well. 

This ultimate aim of graduates to become government employee is a serious issue. Students are supposed to be dedicated to their academic study first but they are often found studying government job materials even from the early days of their university life.

Besides your academic job, if you are really interested in doing government jobs, you are welcome. We hope the tips and strategies we have shared can ease your path to take better preparation for government jobs in the upcoming years. 

We wish you all the very best!

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