Important Skills That Students Can Develop for the Career in Business

The world today is moving at an accelerated pace to say the least. Every passing day we see new industries emerge replacing older industries which are no longer necessary. In the same way, our workforce and knowledge base is evolving as well. Due to the advancements of technology, we are seeing automation in various industries and sectors.

Do you ever think about whether the skills we are acquiring will be needed in the future?

Without a doubt, the future generations will not be working in the same type of jobs. We are already facing difficulties trying to accommodate newer generations to perfectly suited jobs. The younger generations are finding it more difficult to find work and desperately need future career tips.

As a student, you will realize that many things we are learning in schools and universities are no longer applicable in the real word. Our certificates are becoming irrelevant and outdated by graduation. Employers are looking for a different set of skills which is not commonly found in new job seekers.  Many graduates have high aspirations but fail to impress employers today in the competitive job market. In this article, we will look at some of the most useful skills, career tips, and selfdevelopment tips in pursuit of a successful career in the future, especially for students. Also check out Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Bangladesh.

Career Tips for Students to Build a Successful Future in Business

1. Communication

Communication is as important today as it was in the past and even more important in the future. Written and spoken are not the only forms of communication but added to that is online communication in its various forms such as email, instant messaging, social media, etc. It is a critical skill in the workplace to fluently communicate online and in the real world and that too instantly. Communication skills boost performance, confidence and motivate others around you.

Why employers look for it:

Employers look for employees who are capable of freely communicating among peers as well as seniors and juniors. It is no longer enough to just get a sale by convincing a client but you must also be clear and precise with your communication. It is important to be approachable by anyone and everyone in the workplace setting both online and in the real world.

How to improve your communications skills:

  • Communicate with others whenever an opportunity arises
  • Get involved in presentations and other interactive projects
  • Invest your time in public speaking, especially with strangers

2. Teamwork

One thing we must understand and make sure that our younger generations understand is the value of working together. No matter how young, as a baby, or how old as a student or employee, the value of teamwork is a lesson which is a mustlearn for everyone. Whenever we work together to achieve a common goal, the task gets much easier and the best result is more than likely to be achieved. It doesnt mean that we cannot work alone; we can give ourselves the isolated time if & when needed but we must hold the team above all.

Why employers look for it:

This is simplea company is not reliant on a single person, it may be led by one but the success is dependent on the results achieved through the hard work of many people. Employers look to build good work chemistry among employees by hiring team players. Collaboration strengthens the quality of work.

How to be more team-oriented:

  •  Help others to achieve a common goal
  •  Join team sports or events and gatherings
  •  Volunteer to cover for others while on vacation or during emergencies

3. Adaptability

Learn to adapt to situations since nothing will always work the way it was planned. Instead of regretting a decision, try to make decision which is most effective in solving the current situation. As a student there is no room for flexibility but you must train yourself to adapt to situations rather than react.

Why employers look for it:

The workplace is like supersonic highway moving at lightning fast speeds. So employers look for employees who are willing to take the next step rather than linger over something from the last day or the last minute.

How you can learn to adapt:

  •  Push yourself to learn something new
  •  Play around with new & unknown by challenging yourself
  •  Set limits and try your best to exceed them

4. Problem Solving

As students, you are at the prime time of problem solving. You are constantly dealing with new problems and dealing with them. If you like to complain about problems, you need to condition your mind to take action instead. While complaining, we lose sight of potential solutions within our thoughts.

Why employers look for it:

An employee who is quick to think of a solution is an asset! Any employer would go for an employee with a problem solving mind because of the many unexpected challenges that arise in every step of the way in a business.

How to enhance your problem solving skills:

  •  Present a solution in every situation not another problem
  •  Think hard to find a positive result from every negative
  •  Keep calm and never lose your cool & think

5. Critical observation

You must work on your skill development in reading data and turning it into information. Critical observational skill is nothing more than turning observations into meaningful, helpful and profitable interpretations. Recognize patterns in events & predict potential outcomes based on current events, etc.

Why employers look for it:

Employers want thinkers! They want employees who will think from various perspectives to offer innovative solutions or ideas to pursue the ultimate goal. They seek individuals who are able to connect abstract data & events and turn it into something profitable to the cause of the company.

How to improve observation skills:

  •  Listen to others and identify useful information
  •  Implement what you learn about others, friends, families, colleagues or bosses, etc.
  •  Always try to better understand every aspect rather than just absorb new information

6. Conflict Resolution

As we have already discussed problem solving, we need distinguish conflict resolution. In workplace settings, there are many people from various backgrounds, situations, circumstances, etc. it is more than likely that someone or something will conflict with another person. These types of conflicts must be resolved as efficiently as possible.

Why employers want it:

Employers are more than aware that conflicts will arise, but they need people who will deal with those conflicts and resolve them. This is the only way to deal with countless disagreements and proceed towards the end goal of the company.

How to develop yourself to resolve conflict situations:

  •  Address conflict issues directly yet delicately
  •  Never avoid conflict & work towards a compromise
  •  Try to help others to reach a resolve without being judgmental

7. Leadership

Leaders are a must in every company. There is a distinction between a manager or superior and a leader. Recognizing that difference and acting as a leader will reflect your confidence and instill motivation in coworkers, team members and even seniors.

Why employers want it:

Leadership is skill which comes only through selfdevelopment. This is one of the most essential skills when employers consider a promotion or a raise of an employee. Employers will invest in you when they see that you are able to lead from the front.

How to gain leadership skills:

  •  Do not boss others around but lead them by being a good example
  •  Give opportunity for others to succeed
  •  Motivate, inspire & encourage others around you


Education has been and will continue to be the foundation for the character and skill development of humans in the future, just like it has been in the past. But so far, we continue put too much focus on basic skill development such as reading, writing and counting.

Are we doing our best for the skill development and selfdevelopment of our younger generations?

Are the traditional skills enough for the future workforce?

Simply put, traditional education is falling behind with the increasing pace of technology. We need to reallocate our resources by innovative styles of education and drive change in the new world. Both employers and educational institutions need to focus on teaching students and current employees to acquire newer and various skills for better opportunities in the future. To know about recent job market trend have a look at our article Top 10 Most In-Demand Jobs in Bangladesh for 2018.

So keep evolving, innovating and learning by working on your selfdevelopment and mastering the important skills discussed in this article and get ready for a bright career in the future with these essential career tips!

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All the best!

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