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5 Best Family Fridge for the Festivities of Bangladesh

Whether in Bangladesh or anywhere in the world, especially for Bengalis the kitchen is the single most major center of our homes. The concept of cooking and eating is the big task in every household. This is reflected in our home appliances as well as the care that is needed in not only cooking delicious meals but also storing them. Refrigerators, fridges or freezers, whatever it may be, are the most used home appliance in every household.

Fridges in every household or kitchen are used not only for storing food to be eaten later, but also, for making preparations for a big cookout or everyday meals. Storing ingredients, condiments, old food, frozen food, etc. are just some of the many uses of fridges in households. Especially in a hot and humid climate like in Bangladesh, the refrigerator is an absolute essential. Add to that the festive season of Eid-ul-Azha, where the majority-Muslim population all over the country will be offering sacrifices and enjoying its meat. To get more help for buying one of the best family fridges check out our tips Refrigerator buyers guide.

Are you looking to buy the best family fridge, refrigerator, or freezer for this festive season? Or looking for the best refrigerators in Bangladesh.

Well, take a look at the following five most popular family fridges in the market today!

Walton Refrigerator



walton the Best Refrigerator in Bangladesh


One of the emerging names of electronics is Walton in Bangladesh. It is a brand which is heavily promoted as one of global standard but right here in Bangladesh. The locally made factor is not enough to be popular in such a diverse market, but the electronic products on offer by Walton are also some of the best. They offer all electronics from phones, to every little household appliance to big appliances such as refrigerators, washers and more. Its appealing designs, colors, moderate pricing strategy and long warranty periods for fridges make it one of the most popular family fridge company in Bangladesh.


Walton fridges start at 18,990 BDT to up to a maximum of 57,900 BDT.

LG Refrigerator



LG Fridge BD


When it comes to refrigerators or any other electronic appliances in Bangladesh, LG is legendary. LG carries an extensive line of refrigerator models which appeal to all the various needs of consumers. Whether it is just a small unit for holding beverages, a large one for storing food, or even an ice-producing large option, it’s all available. It may be a bit difficult to choose from the various models, but with more options you can make a more settled decision. Finding the most affordable and most suitable home appliance is a massive task. Also have a look at the LG range of refrigerators.


LG fridges start at 12650 BDT to up to a maximum of 220400 BDT.

Samsung Refrigerator



samsung fridge BD



For many decades, Samsung has been at the forefront of technology and its reputation is unmatched amongst the elites of manufacturers. In both the electronics and as well as in household appliances, it is one of the very best in the world. Samsung carries some of the exquisitely designed best family fridges found in the Bangladesh market. Adding to that is the appeal of “Samsung” the big brand name. Potential customers can select from the tons of models of fridges and freezers by Samsung which come with the latest energy efficient features as well as multiple attractive color options. To some more have a look at the Samsung range of fridges and freezers.

Samsung fridges start at 38,400 BDT to up to a maximum of 295,000 BDT.

Singer Refrigerator



singer fridge BD



Singer is one of the most traditionally familiar names in the Bangladesh market. Although it is not a globally known brand name, Singer has a very good reputation in the local market. Signer carries many efficient refrigerator models which are moderately priced. Although it is found to be a bit distant to the more competitive brands such as LG and Samsung, it is still a very popular name for fridges in Bangladesh. Some of the oldest models are still in fine operational conditions as can be seen in both rural villages and mainstream cities such as Dhaka.

Singer fridges start at 12,990 BDT to up to a maximum of 101,990 BDT.

Jamuna Refrigerator



Jamuna fridge BD



Jamuna Electronics is also known as JEAL, it is a sister concern of Jamuna Group. The company has been one of the well-known manufacturers of electronic products in Bangladesh. Its quality products and pricing strategy have allowed it to gain in popularity amidst consumers. Some of their most popular products are fridges, TVs, air conditioners and even motorcycles. The home appliances on offer by Jamuna have recently been thriving in the Bangladesh market.

Jamuna fridges start at 21,900 BDT to up to a maximum of 35,400 BDT.

Made your choice? Ready to buy? Well, before you do, lets take a look at some tips & tricks!

How to Save & Get more from your fridge

As seen from the brief review of the five most popular fridges and their price in Bangladesh, it is surely a big investment. Not only is the initial investment to buy a refrigerator high, it is also a high maintenance appliance with additional operational costs. But there are certain ways which will enable saving quite a bit while it is being used in our homes.

Temperature Control Settings

Firstly, take advantage of the controls offered by your refrigerator. With the controls available, it is not just set in a particular setting, rather you should modify it based on your needs. When your refrigerator is full then you should keep the temperature at the highest setting to ensure that food does not spoil. In contrast, when you do not have plenty of food items stored in the fridge, then you should switch to a lower temperature setting since there is no risk of food being spoiled. This will allow you to make the most of the control settings to save energy when needed and make the most use of it, as needed.

Storage Items

Secondly, you should always take notice of not only what goes out of the fridge but also what goes in. It is best to let food items naturally cool down before they are stored in the fridge. Also, make the decision of whether an item is more suitable for the fridge section or the freezer section. These decisions will lower the stress on your refrigerator’s thermostat allowing it to function normally and not harder than necessary.

New Technologies

Thirdly, when purchasing a new refrigerator you need to keep in mind that there are newer technologies being introduced every day. Stay informed of energy efficient fridges, auto-defrost fridges, manual defrost fridges, etc. Be sure to make a well-informed and smart investment.

Clean & Safe Usage

Finally, keep it clean! It is extremely important that your refrigerator is kept clean. Not only will this ensure that your food is nice & healthy, it will also improve the lifeline of your appliance. Don’t be harsh in cleaning, rather simply keep it light and clean enough. Occasionally, take out removable unites to clean them such as drawers, shelves and racks. Everything is waterproof, so do not worry about damaging them. Keep the door handle clean and check to see ice buildup inside. Clean the inside and outside regularly. Carefully open and close the doors and make sure they have not left ajar for too long.

Now, before you get your choice of a refrigerator from the most popular LG, Samsung, Singer, Walton or Jamuna, here are a few things to remember while looking for the perfect one for your home.

Things to Consider While Shopping for a Refrigerator!

Energy Efficiency

If there is an energy efficient refrigerator model available for a similar price in Bangladesh, then select that one since the appliance will always be consuming energy. An electronic appliance such as a fridge will always be plugged in and any watts saved, is money saved from your electric bill.


Consider the size of the refrigerator as per your food storage habits. If you are someone who likes to cook and eat fresh then go for a smaller size fridge instead of a large one which will only increase your electric bill.


Look for the best and longest warranties available from different manufacturers. A refrigerator is a long-term investment and it is important that you are able to use it for its complete lifetime without further investment in repairs.


Make sure that you set down basic rules of usage for your household to get the maximum return and service from your refrigerator. Improper usage or mistreatment will only hamper its condition, give poor service and lower resale value.


Refrigerators are available in various shapes, styles, designs and colors. The most common style is the single door fridge which comes with a separate, smaller freezer section on top. It is the best for regular use, but the limited freezer space is an issue during occasions such as Qurbani Eid. Another option is the dual door fridge which opens up sideways rather than the common top & bottom style.

Most of these come with similar space for both freezer and fridge sections. Some unconventional styles are the full fridge which does not have a freezer section or, the full freezer which does not have a fridge section. Now the design most suitable for your needs is the best choice for you.


After getting all your desired features from a particular model, make sure that the price is well within your budget. Do not get carried away by investing more than the necessary amount for your refrigerator. Also, consider comparing prices in different stores, this can be done easily using online marketplaces such as Bikroy.com.


Remember, the key to any investment is research, as long as you conduct sufficient comparisons in various stores and online marketplaces, you will find the best deal easily. So celebrate this festive Qurbani season like a pro by preparing your home with the challenge of the high demands of any occasion. Since refrigerator or freezers are the most used appliance in almost any home, look at all the popular fridges for the best price in Bangladesh and find the best one for all your needs.

If you are not looking to buy, then get your current fridge ready for the season by cleaning up! Get rid of old food, expired frozen foods and other unwanted things so that you have plenty of space for all the meat & pastries for the Eid celebrations. Make sure that all the fridge control settings work well and if not, get it fixed. Or better yet, you can look through the most popular fridges in Bangladesh on Bikroy.com and get a new one for your home!

Visit Bikroy.com today as your trusted online marketplace to look for your desired fridge from all the popular refrigerators and the best price in Bangladesh.


Which are the most popular fridge manufactureres in Bangladesh? 

According to Bikroy.com- the Largest Marketplace in Bangladesh, the most popular fridge manufacturers are: 

  • Walton
  • LG
  • Samsung
  • Singer
  • Jamuna

What to consider while choosing the best family fridge in Bangladesh? 

Here’s what to consider while buying a fridge: 

  • Basics of fridge
  • Required fridge capacity
  • Know your budget
  • Direct cool Vs frost free fridge
  • Fridge door style
  • Required compressor

How much family refrigerators cost in Bangladesh?

Depending on what specifications you are looking for, the price can vary drastically, and factors like the time of year and brand make a difference between the family fridge at BDT 30,000 – 60,000 or so, and the top of the line newer fridge models at between BDT 50,000 – 1,00,000.

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